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Oru Adaar Love Review

U/A Drama, Romance 2 hrs 25 mins Feb 14, 2019





Oru Adaar Love Review & Rating

Oru Adaar Love Review: Poorly-Executed High School Romance

The premise

What can you expect from a film that has become the talking point of the nation for a three seconds bit of a teenage girl winking? Anything from the sort of the film 3 which shot into international limelight just because of the freakish success of a song. There are so many equations and the obvious plus point for the producers is the business in other languages which surely give than a leeway in terms of ROI (return on investment) and free publicity. 

Our Adaar Love is the third directorial venture for the Malayalam director Omar Lulu who previously made Happy Wedding and Chunkzz. With a mostly teenage cast for the main roles, he tried to come up with an out and out high school/junior college romance film with colourful songs and entertainment but it has grown in size thanks to Priya Prakash Varrier’s wink. Let’s see of all this fetched the desired result for all parties concerned with Oru Adaar Love review. 

The story

Roshan is a teenager who falls in love with Priya his schoolmate. It’s love at first sight or like the wise (read: practical persons) say infatuation. Like in all these 1980s and 1990s movies, the heroine also falls for her after the hero teases her. Hats off to the courage of director to cook up such a story in these times. After a few romantic set pieces and comedy scenes, they break up. Why? We need a twist in the tale, no?

The friends who initially helped Roshan Priya initially again join hands to reunite them and comes up with an oh so 1980s ploy of making the heroine feel jealous by making another girl get closer to our hero. Rest, how and if the lead pair reunite or another twist comes out form the rest of the story.

Writing and direction

Omar Lulu should be congratulated for coming up with double entendres and making the teachers buffoons. He also one-upped all this with some misogynistic elements at times when MeToo is at full swing and Kerala Film Industry is at crossroads of changing ways in regards to women empowerment. The narration is old school. The story has no place in the current day world. The screenplay is non-existent till the pew-climax. The less we talk about the direction the better. 


When it comes to performances, Roshan is good in screen presence and competent as an actor. Noorin Shereef who played the second girl Gaadha steals the show with her natural performance. It was she who was the lead actress in the beginning until the wink happened. 

The much-hyped Priya Prakash Varrier is okayish. She is beautiful and eye-catching all right, we cannot judge her solely based on this film as her character is rewritten basically. But it’s undercooked. Rest of the actors put up average performances. 

The crew

The music by Shaan Rehman is good. Two songs click very well. The background score is top class for the genre. The cinematography is colourful. The editing is mediocre. The production design is excellent with some cool visuals. The production values are inconsistent. Some areas look like a top-notch film and the others feel like an under-budget film. 


Oru Adaar Love doesn’t live up to the hype it creates for itself. Priya Prakash Varrier’s wink which brought so much of free publicity for the film turned out to be its undoing. With some cheap jokes and undercurrent misogynistic elements, the movie is made with a bad taste. You can avoid it unless it is your type of film.


  • Hype created thanks to Priya Prakash varrier
  • A few really well-executed scenes during the end


  • Poor writing
  • Pathetic direction
  • Some elements in the stories are bad in taste and should have been avoided.

Pycker Rating: 2 out of 5

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  • Jani

    15 Feb 19 @ 4:00 PM

  • Jani

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Oru Adaar Love Live Updates & Public Talk

One movie that has become a national phenomenon because of just a small wink, Oru Adaar Love has finally hit the screens today in multiple languages. This is thanks to Priya Prakash Varrier whose wink had gone viral with the youngsters. But that just was not all about the film. The movie was touted as a high school romantic comedy with loads of entertainment. But the movie receives a mixed response from the critics and the early watchers. While the basic idea was not a new one and the other heroine who steals the show withh= her acting, the theatres were filled first thanks to Priya Varrier. 

Oru Adaar Love ends up as a damp squib say a section of the audience. The change in the script to accommodate a bigger role for  Priya Prakash to cash in on the craze for her spoiled the movie a bit. The first half of the film has a few good laughs and the second half doesn't have even that. Overall, Oru Adaar Love is just one another high school romance which fails to engage the target audience. 

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