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Oh Baby Review

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Oh Baby Review & Rating


Oh! Baby Review: Wah! Baby's Sure To Entertain Family Audience

The premise

Have you ever been into the mind of your grandmother or grandfather? Ever? YYou might have enjoyed their warm love for you and the unmitigated support they lend you when you have to fight with your mother or father who tries to discipline you. But the same grandparents must have done the same to your parents what they are doing now to you. But why sudden change? Because you're young? Or because they look at you as their childhood-selves?

Not for nothing the Korean film Miss Granny (Susanghan Geunyeo) hit it out of the park in Korea and went on to become one of the biggest hits of all time. No. In Korea, they just don't look at box office numbers. They count the number of tickets sold. As per the estimates made by trade pundits, one in every six Koreans watched the film. They enjoyed Miss Granny. Why? 

There are certain subjects which have universal resonance and Miss Granny is one such film. When watching the film, starring veteran Korean actress full of grace - Na Moon-hee and Shim Eun-Kyung - a livewire of an actress, this writer thought that it'd make a great film in Telugu as many of the older generations identify themselves with the protagonists and the younger generations will love to understand their Grans. And the actress for the older part this writer thought of was Lakshmi. And yes. We have Oh! Baby review here and let's dive into the world of Savitri without further ado. 

Look into the world of Baby

Savitri aka Baby runs a canteen in professional education institute with her friend Chanti played by the ever-excellent Rajendra Prasad. Baby's son is a professor in the institution and he teaches geriatrics (a specialty that focuses on health care of elderly people). Baby had sacrificed so much of her life for the sake of her son and deservedly he loves and respects her. But he never looked into her despite being a man who studies about and teaches about the psyche of the older generation. 

Baby could be overbearing towards her daughter-in-law. No. She is not one who is the archetypical mother-in-law who is shown as a villain in the television serials and old films. She's just that... she needs attention. But she doesn't know it. Baby subconsciously craves for the dreams of her youth get fulfilled. She was full of life before life has cruelly taken away a half of her soul and she buried every desire of her in the latter part. 

But she's one of the most adorable grannies around (like the girls say on Facebook: you are the best father in the world) to her grandchildren. But like all of us. Literally all of us. Her grandson too fails to look into her. He just enjoys the warmth of grandmotherly love. Things get into an unbearable proportion for Baby and her daughter-in-law who is in the middle of adjusting to her middle age. Everybody has their own problems. This is the beauty of this film! 

At that moment, a miracle happens and Baby the 70-year-old lady vanishes and in comes is her 24-year-old self played by Samantha. Baby sets herself into a new life after the initial shock at the transformation and it leads into a few interesting threads. Baby despite her 24-year-old appearance sees the world from the wisdom of a 70-something woman. 

And a youngster who's just a few months or years older than her grandson falls for her (their friendship initially). Chanti misses his best friend and smells something wrong with this new version of Baby (who rechristened herself Swathi). And then Baby herself. Her dilemma and transformation. How all this carnival of madness ends with Baby having a time of her life forms the rest of the story. 

Lakshmi, Sam, and Rajendrudu rock

Lakshmi is, as expected, has owned up the role of Savitri. She is every inch Miss Granny and none can play the role better than her. Not for nothing, she was said to be one of the best actresses of all time as written by yesteryear star hero Sobhan Babu in his writings for magazines. She makes you feel the right emotions which adds value to the further parts of the film as and when Samantha takes the batton from her. 

Coming to Samantha, she literally transformed herself into Baby's younger version right from her gait, expressions, and world-weariness. She matched Lakshmi toe to toe with her performance and this can surely be one of her top 5 performances. She is hilarious, cute, charming, unbearably irritating, and everything in between as the character demands. She carried the majority of the film on her slender shoulders with sure-footedness. And that she doesn't appear till the 40-minute mark on the screen and we don't feel that - the credit goes to Lakshmi and Rajendra Prasad. But Samantha's light-hearted spirit is visible in every scene of the film. 

Rajendra Prasad is terrific as Chanti. He carried himself very well alongside an accomplished actress who is older than him at least a generation. The scenes with Samantha stand out as a fine example of how good an actor he is. Jagapathi Babu's cameo is electrifyingly good. Sesh Adivi did well in the limited time he appears on the screen. Rao Ramesh is excellent as usual. Pragati (Baby's daughter-in-law)  gets a meaty role and she nailed it with perfection. Naga Shaurya is suave in his role as the youngster who makes friends with Swathi-Baby. 

Sensible direction and excellent writing

The direction of the film is sensible. Nandini Reddy captured the spirit of the original expertly and brought it the native touch and an Indian feel. The narration is heart-warming. The screenplay is smooth-flowing and has high points at the right moments. The dialogues by Lakshmi Bhupala who previously worked with Nandini Reddy gell well with the spirit of the film. The emotions are properly maintained both in the narration and dialogues. 

The crew

The music of the film is disappointing except for one song Changu Bhala. But the background score has perfectly suited the mood of the film. Micky J. Meyer once again proved that he is the right man to score for this genre of films. The cinematography has a carnival feel. The visuals are vibrant and youthful. Surprisingly there is a retro feel to the frames and it blended with the youthful feel organically. The production design is charming. The production values are grand. 


Oh! Baby may appear on the surface superficial for a few but it is a perfectly executed film which tells us a lot without spelling it out too much. Stellar performances from the lead actors and sensibly Indianised narration from Nandini Reddy makes this film a breezy watch. The length may appear a bit long but it is necessary to carry the right feel. You can enjoy it with your family. And will be a feast for the older generation of audience. Help them watch it too. 


  • Lakshmi-Rajendra Prasad thread in the initial portions
  • Jagapathi Babu cameo
  • Samantha all the way
  • Sensible narration
  • An essential subject


  • May not connect well to too-younger gen of the audience
  • Little bit lengthy (though necessary)

Pycker Rating: 3.25 out of 5

Reviewed by: GitacharYa

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  • Bharath

    7 Jul 19 @ 8:32 AM

    old is gold oh! baby movie very good movie best is one Samantha action super entertainment full funny

Oh Baby Live Updates & Public Talk

Oh! Baby has been in the news for the last couple of months and it's for a good reason. The Samantha star vehicle directed by Nandini Reddy is a story about a 70-year-old woman who finds herself in the body of a 24-year-old. She turns quite magically into a young woman. With an interesting premise borrowed from the highly successful and widely acclaimed Korean film Miss Granny (Oh! Baby is an official remake), the writing team has given a native spin and created a new premise. The movie opened with a positive response from the early watchers. 

The movie has an interesting premise and The way first half is handled is good. The movie opens on a sedate note and slowly builds up to the point where Savitri played by the veteran actress Lakshmi transforms into a young girl of 20-something. Lakshmi and Rajendra Prasad's scenes are heart-warming. A good entertainer for the entire family. Samantha's performance is said to be excellent and she had carried the weight of the film. 

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Oh Baby Preview

What Is Oh Baby About?

Leave aside the obsession with Korean films for both the filmmakers and world movie buffs, there are certain films that souls reach every corner of the world. One such film is Miss Granny. Not all can stomach the films in the original language and there are other barriers too, chief among them is nativity issue. That’s where remakes come into  the picture. What’s so special about Miss Granny? Is that film really that great? Has the story got the potential to be universally accepted?

Certainly. Miss Grant touches a subject which is often ignored by many. Strikingly, both Korean and Teluguland have a similar structure of society. And are in the same phase of change in this modern age. Okay! Leave that aside too. Let’s just talk about the basic story of the film. It’s about an old woman who gets her youth back in a surprising way. She had sacrificed everything for her people and now is her chance to enjoy her life again. Think about your grandmothers guys! 

Oh Baby Promises

Heart Touching Lighthearted Fantasy

The basic premise of this film could launch millions of films. An old person suddenly getting his/her youth back. But the original filmmakers went into a lighthearted mode to explore the idea of giving an old grandmother who has sacrificed everything for her son and his family and missed her life. They want to see how she’ll recapture her life and bang! The film connected not just with old women or old people, everyone, literally everyone flocked to the theatres. 

The same could be true here too. Maybe the audience attendance would be considerably lesser. But Oh Baby with two of the biggest star heroines of their respective generations playing the lead roles will certainly be well received. Samantha is in the form of her life with back to back highly acclaimed roles. And Lakshmi is a terrific actress who can pull off any sort of character. The role she plays in Oh Baby is tailor-made for both these actresses. 

Lakshmi and Samantha

Yesteryear star heroine Lakshmi is known for her versatility. Even this generation knows her from films like Ninne Pelladutha, Jeans, and Murari. She might not be as prolific as she deserves to be. But could you imagine any other actress to pull off a role like the one in Oh Baby? The story might specifically be written for her. From what little we have seen from the promise, it’s certain that she literally owned the role. 

And Samantha, one of the biggest stars among South Indian actresses and one of the best actresses of this generation. After films like Super Deluxe and Majili, where she played intense and complex roles, this is a logical progression towards a lighthearted fantasy comedy. As the films entire promotion strategy revolving around her, and with her selection of subjects, Samantha is within touching distance of superstardom. 

Nandini Reddy and team

Nandini Reddy proved herself to be a capable filmmaker and has great taste. She might not have tasted a success similar to her debut effort Ala Modalaindi, but her next films has shown what she’s capable of with a good subject. Lakshmi Bhupala who’s is making his presence it’s a talented writer and joss combination with the filmmaker is going to be an asset for Baby. 

Micky J. Meyer’s music is a highlight and so is Richard Prasad’s colourful cinematography. Rajendra Prasad has a key role to play and Adivi Sesh’s cameo is one to look out for. People's Media Factory, Guru Films, and Kross Pictures bankroll this film under the guidance of Suresh Productions. 

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