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U/A Action, Thriller 2 hrs 2 mins Jun 1, 2018





Officer Review & Rating


Straight to the point

It is talked about many times. It is known to us like our own palms. So, It is better we go straight to the point. Officer is a crime thriller made on an extremely realistic way by a new director called Ram Gopal Varma reinvented. Tollywood star hero Nagarjuna lends this new guy a chance after more than 20 years. So, let's see if Nagarjuna's trust of Ram Gpal Varma reinvented fulfilled with Officer review.

The cop who is scary

Sivaji Rao is a ruthless cop from Andhra Pradesh. He is sen with his team to Mumbai to solve what is a perceived false encounter carried by a police officer, Narayana pasari. When Sivaji goes to Mumbai, a shocking truth is revealed. He nabs the criminal and send him to the court. The court as is the case in real life and in this type of movies releases the criminal as the witnesses and proofs are diluted. 

It then comes to Sivaji Rao who is a single father and a lady officer played by Myra Sareen to fight the criminal who has the department under his sights,and bring him to total justice. 

Varma the great

Ram Gopal Varma has taken an interesting point and narrated it in a novel way in the first half. The investigating scenes in the first half, nabbing of the criminal, operations of the police department, and how the justice department can be fooled are shown in an ultra realistic way as only e can show. 

Especially the scenes between Nagarjuna and his daughter are tender and one can think that Varma injected his untold love for his daughter into the movie. The relationship is heartwarming and lights up the dark world of the movie. 

Nagarjuna a the cop is terrific. Be it his dialogue deivery or it his ruthless execution of justice leaves you wondering why Nag is doing such characters any more before this. The way he walks and his looks elevated every scene he had a presence in the movie. Only Ram Gopal Varma can give Nagarjuna such a powerful character withoout going cinematic. Baby Kavya is simply adorable in her role. 

Post Sarkar Raj Varma

Foroze abbasi is a value addition to the movie acting wise. But unfortunately his screen presence and stature didn't match those of Nagarjuna. As an actor he shined as the complex villain. But Varma failed in casting him. Rest of the chatarers go with the flow of the story. Ajay as a team member of Sivaji Rao shines in the few scenes he appears. 

But things go awry in the second half. The first ten minutes of the movie is totally class of the class. The first half is more than good. But the second half shows the post-Sarkar Raj Varma. The resorted to regular revenge drama. Though the action sequences are superb to watch, and Nag did all his stunts, the fights become redundant. The climax appear like drag with one on one fist fight between the hero and the villain.

Technically sound

Cinematography by Bharat Vyas and Rahul Penumatsa is of high standards. Varma has displayed some of the best camera language with Officer. Ravi Shankar music is good and the much talked about sund scheme is a lesson to all the aspiring filmmakers, if only they avoid the pitfalls Ram Gopal Varma faced in the execution of the second half. 

Final thoughts

Production doesn't look like a smaller budget film. Technically the movie is brilliant. The only problem is the narration of the second half and howVarma converted a great premise to a routine revenge in the second half. You an watch it with academic interest to know the nuances of filmmaaking. For the rest, wait till the movie available on smaller screens. Not a bad movie at all. 

PS: Don't believe the comments that Officer is a disaster. 

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Officer Live Updates & Public Talk

After a tumultuous lead up to the release, the film reinventing Ram Gopal Varma, Officer, is hitting the screens today. The early morning and press preview shows areunderway, and the response is coming out. Chracteristically for any Ram Gopal Varma movie, the response is extreme on two poles. Overwhelming positive response on one side, and similar negative response on the other. New heroine Myra Sareen joins Nagarjuna in this intense jouney as a cop who is scary like never before. 

Officer movie is getting a mixed response from the audience and the initial tweets about the movie are not so impressive. Looks like Ram Gopal Varma has produced yet another dud continuing his bad run while Nagarjuna is being termed as the only saving grace. However, some of the Tweets are in favour of the movie saying that Officer has good technical values. Check out the latest Tweets below.

Stay tuned for more Live updates and Public Talk of Officer.

Officer Preview

What is officer about?

Officer is an about to be a sensation. You don't even have to remember it as it is written in the history books in bold font that Siva is a landmark movie in Telugu Cinema, for that matter Indian Cinema. Telugu Cinema history is already divided as Before Siva and After Siva. Such was the magnitude of the movie. Ram Gopal Varma who directed the movie became a big league director with just one movie. Nagarjuna attained stardom. 

Their combination is always seen as sensational. Antham and Govinda Govinda followed. Despite their inability to light up the box office the same way as Siva, they are recognized as movies with high technical values. Now they teamed up for Officer. Officer is about a sincere cop who stops a nothing to bring justice. A typically atypical Ram Gopal Varma film. 

What to expect from Officer?

Ram Gopal Varma all the way

Despite the gazillions of controversies he is surrounded by, as a basic, Ram Gopal Varma is a world-class director. Nobody knows how to use sound to create emotions in a movie. And nobody knows the language of a camera as well as him in India. As Nagarjuna said in numerous times, when Ram Gopal Varma concentrates, nobody make a complete film like him. As Varma himself proclaimed, with Officer he is reinventing himself. 

Officer theme

In the beginning, there were many rumors that the plot of Officer is lifted from the Hollywood film Taken. Rubbishing the rumours, RGV, at the pre-release event, said that if Shiva was about a college student taking the law into his own hands, Officer follows the journey of a cop in the same path. When a man with no power could do so much in Shiva, imagine what an officer who has all the power could do. In the film, Nagarjuna plays a sincere upright cop who is fearless. And as Nagarjuna said, the comparisons end with both the protagonists have a child. 

Based on a real-life cop

Ram Gopal Varma revealed that Nagarjuna's character in the film is inspired from the life of IPS officer KM Prasanna. He took to Twitter to shed light on the police officer. He wrote, that the story of Officer is based real-life IPS officer K M Prasanna from Karnataka who was appointed as the chief of a SIT (Special Investigation Team) to investigate a highly reputed cop in Mumbai. It's the details that IPS officer K M Prasanna personally told Varma in 2010 that finally became the story of Officer. 

Nagarjuna is playing the cinematic version of Mr. Prasanna. Presently, Prasanna IPS is the Additional Commissioner of Police, Crime Branch, Mumbai. A real-life character as the base for his role and Nagarjuna plays an extremely ruthless cop. Just this is enough to raise expectations on Officer. 

Technical tour de force

Ram Gopal Varma is a master craftsman when it comes to movies. Right from the sound design to the shades of lighting, he knows what it takes to make a movie tick. Varma claims that Officer is technically sound as Shiva.

At the pre-release event, he said that when Shiva released, everybody spoke about the use of sound in the film. He further added that sadly, he didn't experience anything on a similar level in any other Indian film in two decades. Officer will give a unique sound experience. The film will hit the viewers in the gut.

Top class action sequences

Recently when Officer was sent for censoring, it was said that the movie is filled with graphic violence. It was also speculated that the board members wanted the makers to trim a few scenes despite giving them a U/A certificate. However, as Nagarjuna himself revealed, Officer is not a violent film. It's brutal and the last 20 minutes are outstanding. The action will be intense and realistic as well.

Watch this space for Officer review, rating and analysis, be right back!