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U/A Action, Thriller 2 hrs 2 mins Jun 1, 2018






Officer is an Indian Telugu language cop action thriller directed by maverick director Ram Gopal Varma. The movie stars King Nagarjuna in the lead role as a never this scary cop. Ram Gopal Varma himself produces this movie alongside Sudheer Chandra Padiri on Ram Gopal Varma Company. 

Bollywood starlet Myra Sareen is Officer heroine. Sayaji Shinde, Ajay, Firoze Abbasi, Baby Kavya etc. played other important roles in this movie. Rahul Odak and Siddharth Patnaik are the executive producers. 

Ravi Shankar is Officer music director. He composes both the songs and background musical score for this film. The audio is released on Mango Music. Bharat Vyas N. and Rahul Penumatsa handle the cinematography for the movie. Anwar Ali and R Kamal are the editors. Sira Sri penned the lyrics. 

Manish Ragire, Manya, Ramya Behara, and Shakshi sang the songs of this movie. Ranju Varghese is the choreographer. Ejaz Gulab composed the action sequences for this movie. Bhupesh R. Bhupathi acted as both the production designer and art director. 

Officer is Nagarjuna and Ram Gopal Varma's first combination in more than two decades. The previously teamed up for the sensational Siva, Antham, and Govinda Govinda. 

According to the director Ram Gopal Varma, the movie is based on the real-life  IPS officer K M Prasanna from Karnataka, who was appointed as the chief of a SIT (Special Investigation Team) to investigate a highly reputed cop in Mumbai.

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