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O Kadhal Kanmani Full Movie

Romance Apr 17, 2015
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OK Kanmani Story

Director: Mani Ratnam

Cast: Dulquer Salman as Aditya Varadarajan, Nithya Menen as Tara Kalingarayar, Prakash Raj as Ganapathy, Leela Samson as Bhavani, Ramya Subramanian as Ananya and Prabhu Lakshman as Buddy.

Aditya Varadarajan visits Mumbai for the first time and accidentally meets Tara on the railway station. An unexpected encounter between Aditya and Tara at their mutual friend's wedding leads to a good relationship and they start to date.

Aditya who is a game developer finds out that Tara is all set to go to Paris to acquire her higher studies. They fall in love and decides to be in a living together relationship. They are first denied to stay together by Ganapathy who is the local guardian of Aditya but Tara impresses him with her singing talent. They live happily at Ganapathy's house. 

But slowly things will get out of their hands, Tara and Aditya out of fear to lose each other projects possessiveness and arguments come in between them for everything. Adi gets his visa to go to the US and Tara gets hers to go to Paris. Both of them hides their feelings and comes to an agreement to enjoy their last days together. 

One fine day, Ganapathy's wife Bhavani, an Alzheimer's patient goes missing and Aditya, Tara and Ganapathi hurry to find her and bring her back. While looking for her two of them starts arguing for silly things and their relationship. They find out Bhavani and upon seeing Ganapathy's care and love for his wife Bhavani Tara and Adi realise the importance of each other's presence in their life. Adi proposes to Tara and they get married. 

This Mani Ratnam venture made with a budget of 6 crores was a winner at the box office and was nominated for many prestigious awards. The movie also had its Telugu version titled OK Bangaram and was later remade to Bollywood with the title OK Jaanu.

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