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Notebook Review

U Drama, Romance 1 hrs 52 mins Mar 29, 2019





Notebook Review & Rating


Notebook Review: A Slow Burning Romantic Film You May Fall In Love With

The premise

In a sea of romantic comedies and heavy duty patriotic films in the recent times (at least for the last couple of years), pure romance films have taken a hit. When Salman Khan announced Notebook with a promise of romance, the romantics in our hearts took note of the film. The movie has a fresh lead pair, a novel subject at heart, and the Kashmir backdrop. And alas! Last year’s Laila Majnu has Kashmir as its backdrop.

The Notebook

Kabir goes to a remote country school which is maintained in a boathouse on a lake. The lake and the school form part of the characters in the story. He is out of work and needs to go to that school to feel that he’s got some work to do. 

It is far removed from the hustle and bustle of the fast moving world and a perfect setting for a film like this. There he has to contend not only with mischievous children who are to be put in line and loneliness. 

He finds solace in a notebook, the eponymous notebook, which is used as a dairy by the previous teacher. Obviously, she should be a woman. She poured out her feelings in the form of sentences. It has given him solace and slowly he falls in love with that woman whom he has not seen. 

He makes comments on the notes written by her and that forms a communication between hearts. In parallel to this love story is the back and forth scenes of these two teachers and their time with the kids. How and if they ever meet form the rest of the story.  

Writing and Direction

The story is the same as we know. But the setup and the backdrop have a novelty point. The way the narration unfolds is slow and soothing. The movie starts on a pleasant note and moves forward with a deliberate pace saturating the thirst for those who want to watch slow burning romances. But after a point, the action appears stagnated. Scenes appear redundant. 

We know the lovers wouldn’t meet until the preclinical at least. But the scenes leading up to that point should be interesting. Yes, the trip and the scenes involving the kids are excellent and warms our hearts but the narration takes a beating post interval. The dialogues are good nonetheless. 

A lovely lead pair

The performances are top class despite both Zaheer Iqbal and Pranutan are debutantes. Be it the emotional scenes or the lovely interactions with the kids, they are good. Pranutan and Zaheer have a mesmerising aura around them which may guarantee them a long haul in their film careers. The kids who played their students all personifications of mischief. They are innocent and live wires. 

The Making team

The music by Vishal Mishra has a Kashmiri feel to it and the songs are good. But they are not properly utilised by the director. The background is excellent and is interwoven into the narration. The cinematography is gorgeous and the frames are eye candy. The scenery is breathtakingly beautiful and worth the ticket price. 

The editing could have been better. Trimming a few scenes in the second half could have brought the required pace to the proceedings.  The production team did a splendid job. The artwork and the locations are mind-blowingly good. The production values by Salman Khan and his team are grand. Notebook is a visual feast. It gives a taste of Salman Khan’s aesthetics. 


Notebook is a film for romantics in all of us but it has lost its way somewhere along the way. While the basic setup and a few scenes are engaging, it takes patience to watch the entire film. But still, the film has some value to offer with a brilliant lead pair (they don’t appear in the same frame for the most part) and some great music and cinematography. You can give it a try. Not a mediocre film. But may not work at the box office. 


  • Pranutan and Zaheer
  • Music with Kashmiri tinge
  • Spectacular cinematography
  • Breathtakingly beautiful locations
  • Production values


  • Slow paced narration
  • The second half could have been trimmed a bit.

Pycker Rating: 2.75 out of 5

Reviewed by: GitacharYa

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  • sagar Uddin

    13 Apr 19 @ 11:59 PM

    Best movie ever and we should learn from this movie gun is not love please take of others is big gun for life if you don't know how love don't use your power or gun use ur love Love most important things in world And who ever talk about this movei they how to love Love for all love in the world Gun and power is not love Keep free ur self u can world is so beautiful Sorry telling long story But this movie its being human

Notebook Live Updates & Public Talk

Salman Khan, the Bhai of Bollywood, is known for launching the career of many Bollywood stars. This time too, he brought two youngsters Zaheer Iqbal and Pranutan Bahl and bind them together in a beautiful story called Notebook. The meaning of love stories keeps evolving and this time the makers of Notebook brought a simple, subtle, beautiful and unique love story. The film questions 'Can you love someone you have not seen?' and the story is pious to its core. Since the film is being backed by Salman Khan, the hype of the film is pretty high. Though Notebook is a remake, the Bollywood version surely has its own charm. Read what celebs are tweeting about the film. 

Notebook is being liked by the audience because of the innocence the lead actors bring into their character. The celebs are praising the film stating that it is a beautiful and pure love story in the modern age. Nitin Kakkar has brought out the best from the leading actors as well as the supporting child actors. The music does pure justice to the film and captures the essence of the movie. Notebook is shot in the beautiful location of Kashmir, which is a visual treat for everyone.

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Notebook Preview

What is Notebook About?

Notebook produced by Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is a sweet romantic drama which is based on the beautifully shot Thailand film Teacher's Diary. The musical love story concerns that of a couple of young teachers who had to work in a remote school which is in a hauntingly beautiful school where they have to fight loneliness and the initial struggle to contain the class with a very limited number of pupils. 

Pranutan Bahl, the granddaughter of the legendary actress Nutan and the daughter of noted Bollywood actor Monish Bahl, makes her big screen debut with this film. The gorgeous double degree holder in law joins fellow debutant, Zaheer Iqbal. The movie is directed by Nitin Kakkar. 

Notebook Promises

A sweet romantic story

In recent times, Bollywood has been churning out a considerably good number of top-class romantic comedies but it is [roper pure romances that are lacking in numbers. Change in times and genre viability may be the reason as most of the time event films or those films which instantly connect with the younger generation audience who are the first of the patrons of films these days. Romantic dramas even when well made like in the case of Laila Majnu are bombing at the box office. 

Notebook appears to be a different case. It is neither too heavy on emotions nor overtly melodramatic. The drama in the movie appears to have the right blend of youthfulness and enough of heart-tugging moments. Two young souls who connect through the dairy through which they communicate is an old idea but with some gorgeous visuals and the addition of the story of educating young children at a remote village have added a contemporary appeal to it. 

Pranutan and Zaheer Iqbal

The lead pair has the innocence and freshness you can expect in the times a couple of generations ago. The classically beautiful Pranutan seems to have had great chemistry with the chiseled Zaheer Iqbal. Whatever, if the story clicks and their chemistry works out as expected (this is essential for both romantic comedies and romantic dramas any time), Notebook will give us a couple of new stars. 

Team assembled by Salman Khan

Bhai's previous attempt at producing a movie turned out to be a damp squib but the movie has given a glimpse of Salman's taste as a maker. He wants to deliver clean slated entertainers in the format of the romantic films he acted in and made himself a name with earlier in his career. Soulful music cannot be ruled out and the work by Vishal Mishra appears to be on the right note (pun intended). 

The cinematography by Manoj Kumar Khatoi conjured up gorgeous visuals and the frames look picturesque. The movie is going to be a visual feast for sure. Nitin Kakkar's direction is going to be of foremost importance in the success of this film and he appears game for it. And Salman left no stone unturned to make the film tick. 

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