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Njan Prakashan Review

U Drama, Satire Dec 21, 2018





Njan Prakashan Review & Rating


Njan Prakashan- A peek into the life of an average Malayali

The Stereotyped Keralite

Njan Prakashan opens the door to the life of a typical Malayali youth, explores his psyche, his take on the society and most importantly his cynical nature. Prakashan aka P.R Akash is a youth skeptical about life and his highly manipulative actions turn off even his friends.

The story

Prakashan effortlessly portrayed by Fahadh is a nursing graduate who is lazy, jealous and wants to reach heights without straining his back. He is so cynical and manipulative that even his close associates are keeping off from him. He tries to get rid of his localized named Prakashan and publishes his new name P.R. Akash in the gazette. And into his life enters his once love interest, Salomi, who is all set to fly to Germany. Prakashan finds Salomi as his entry into a bright future and here begins the wooing episodes. Will he succeed in his pursuits? Does Salomi's entry kindle a change in Prakashan's behaviour forms the rest of the movie.

The Director-writer combo

Sathyan Anthikad and Sreenivasan is a hit combo who have treated us to many hits and they still find place among the classics of Mollywood. They are back again with a bang. They have packaged a neat family entertainer with ample dose of humor, less melodrama and subtle sarcasm making it one of the recent bests. 

Fabulous Fahadh

Fahadh needs no analysis. He has become a seasoned performer who can effortlessly portray any role thrown at him. His eyes and body language perfectly suit the cynical and manipulative Prakashan. And in the hands of veteran film maker, Sathyan Anthikad, Fahadh has nailed the role perfectly, that you are confused whether to love his innocence or whether to hate his cynicism. His transformation from a self-centred brat to a focussed man will make you fall in love with Prakashan.

The beauty of the land is perfectly captured by the seasoned cinematographer S.Kumar. The music by Shaan Rahman is refreshing and gels with the mood of the film.

On the whole, Njan Prakashan is a neatly- packaged family drama perfect for the Festive Christmas mood and year end.

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Njan Prakashan User Reviews

  • Athul

    24 Dec 18 @ 8:11 AM

    Super film

  • Athul

    24 Dec 18 @ 8:11 AM

    Super film

Njan Prakashan Live Updates & Public Talk

The latest from the hit director-writer duo Sathyan Anthikad and Sreenivasan, Njan Prakashan opened to positive reviews from the viewers. With an actor Like Fahadh Faasil on board, movie goers had expected a treat, given his choice of movies and performances recently. Most of the viewers loved the first half and commented on the average second half. Just as in most Sathyan Anthikad movies, the first half ends with a bang and nothing much happens after that.

The general talk is that it is a complete family entertainer with good humor and is sure to be a winner. But the show stealer is the ever-talented Fahadh Faasil who has given a stellar performance. The movie's music score by Shaan Rahman is also a great plus.

In a gist, audience seems to have loved the laugh-riot to which they were treated. To know more, watch this space for further updates.

Njan Prakashan Preview

What is Njan Prakashan about

Njan  Prakashan is a comedy entertainer where a man named Prakashan changes his name to PR Akash to sound modern and cool. The movie appears to have shaped up in a typical Kerala surrounding where there is enough criticism for everything.

The trailer shows the hero Fahadh Faasil attending a marriage ceremony and ends up criticizing the food. However, he promises to be back for another wedding that takes place shortly. Prakashan looks like a simple Malayali youth who points out faults with everything, however, he does not seem to compromise on anything that gives him happiness or those that affects his image.

What to expect from Njan Prakashan

The hit director-writer duo

Sathyan Anthikad-Sreenivasan pair is one of the most celebrated director-writer duos of Mollywood. Their association had brought out hilarious yet classic entertainers. Presentation of realistic facts with ample humor, laced with subtle sarcasm, form the essence of most of their movies. Their movies like Nadodikaattu and Sandesham still remain as must-watch Malayalam movies.

The hero

Fahadh Faasil is undoubtedly the best among the current breed of young actors. His eyes convey myraid meanings and his body language gels perfectly with the character he plays. The National Award Winner plays Prakashan, a typical Malayali youth, and perfectly portrays the cynical attitude of most people of the state. 

The team

Nikhila Vimal plays the heroine, Salomi, and she does look very expressive. Need one say anything about the Award Winning  Cinematographer S. Kumar. His experience itself speaks volumes about his work. And the music composition is by hitmaker Shaan Rahman who is known for producing both mass and class tunes. The producer, Sethu Mannarkad produces under the banner Full Moon Cinema, though is relatively new to shoulder the financial aspects of the movie, has previous outings as a production controller.

Njan Prakashan is sure to be a family entertainer with enough dose of humor and sentiments, typical of Sathyan Anthikad and Sreenivasan movies.

Watch this space for public talk, reviews and ratings.