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Njan Marykutty Full Movie

U Drama 2 hrs 5 mins Jun 15, 2018
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Njan Marykutty Story

Director: Ranjith Sankar

Cast: Jayasurya, as Marykutty, Jewel Mary as Marykutty's friend, Innocent as a Priest in the Local Parish, Aju Varghese as RJ Alwin Henry, Joju George as Police officer, and Jins Baskar as Sabu. 

Njan Marykutty tells the story of a transsexual person named Marykutty and how the society treated her and her fight for an identity in society. Mathukutty is an ordinary youngster with an extraordinary problem. He was born a man but inside he is a woman. Slowly after much deliberation, Mathukutty decides to undergo sex-changing surgery and become a woman. 

Now, she is Marukutty. But Marykutty is not received by her family which feels the societal pressure. But Marykutty tries to live on her own terms without rebelling and pursues her dream of becoming a police officer after trying a few odd jobs. But She faces problems in the form of those oppose her look down upon her and also has the support of a few loyal friends. 

Marykutty joins an institute which helps her prepare for the examination. She also faces opposition in the form of a policeman. But her way of living receives appreciation from those around her which irks those who oppose her. All these make the sensitive Marykutty more determined towards her goal. How she achieves her goal, acceptance from her family, and creates herself an identity in the society. 

Njan Marykutty received high critical acclaim for its sensible and generally realistic portrayal of the lives of transsexual people and the trauma experienced by their families too. Jayasurya was lauded for his balanced and authentic performance and the director was appreciated for coming u with such a film. 

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