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A Biography, Drama 1 hrs 48 mins Oct 17, 2014
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Nirbashito Story

Director: Churni Ganguly

Cast: Churni Ganguly as the author, Saswata Chatterjee Pritam, the author's friend, Raima Sen as Pritam's wife

Nirbashito was the first directorial venture of noted actress Churno Ganguly and it gained rave reviews. The movie was India's official entry to Oscar in Best foreign film category in 2015. The movie revolves around an author who is in an exile. She has  been banished from her own country for writing against religious fundamentalism and now she craves for being reunited with her beloved cat Baaghini. The film is for the craving of a person who is forced to live her motherland and family. 

The film starts with a cat and her human mother watching television where the shots of the riot in Kolkata is being played. The woman (Churni Ganguly) gets a call and his friend Pritam (Saswata Chaterjee ) advises her to not step out of her house as the cause of unrest in her writing. 

The police get orders to go to the writer’s home to transport her to Delhi and subsequently to Sweden. They barge in her place just when she is in the middle of feeding Baaghini. They ask her to cooperate and take her out of the house without any prior information. She is asked to leave behind all her belongings including her beloved pet Baaghini. Now in a cold place of Sweden, living a life full of uncertainty, the author craves for her furbaby while her friends in Kolkata would do everything to reunite her with Baaghini.

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