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U Comedy, Drama 2 hrs 10 mins Jan 26, 2018





Nimir Review & Rating


Nimir starring Udayanidhi Stalin and Namitha Pramod in the lead roles is an official remake of Maheshinte Prathikaram, a Malayalam flick which had Fahaadh Faasil in the lead role. Veteran filmmaker Priyadarshan directed Nimir and music was composed by Darbuka Siva and Ajaneesh Loknath. With Maheshinte Prathikaram becoming a super hit and the trailer of Nimir hitting the bullseye, expectations were high on this project. The movie has finally hit the screens today and with not much competition, Nimir just needs a positive talk to mint huge money at the box office. Will it be able to cash in on the vacant space at the box office, let's find out in our review of Nimir below.

Nimir is based in the village of Tentkasi and revolves around National Selvam (played by Udayanidhi Stalin), a photographer. The movie starts by showing us a pair of slippers and then moves on to the mandatory introduction song which has colorful visuals. Post which Selvam is beaten up by few people for no reason. He swears not to wear the slippers until he avenges the beating. What follows next is a revenge drama with enough twists and turns.

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Essentially, the film is based on domino effect – how a chain of events are set off due to the cu...

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Most of the film revolves around one character Selvam, which Udaynidhi Stalin plays decently but comparisons with Fahadh who played the same role in the original version are inevitable. Though he is nowhere close to the terrific screen presence of Fahadh Faasil, he does a decent job in portraying various emotions in a subtle manner. Parvathi Nair gets a meaty role once again and she does complete justice to it. Even minute expressions from her speak a lot and she adds a lot of weight to the film. Namitha Pramod is okay in her role but one man who impresses is filmmaker Mahendran who played the role of Selvam's father. He doesn't get many dialogues but whenever he speaks, he makes sure that he leaves an impact on the audience. Karunakaran, Samuthirakani, Arul Doss and others were okay in their roles.

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To sum up, Nimir’s honest, laid-back narrative is bound to make you reel in nostalgia if you have...

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For a movie in which photography plays a key role, N. K. Ekambaram's cinematography is perfectly apt. As the movie is based in Tentkasi, Ekambaram gets enough scope to capture the visuals beautifully and with his magical frames, he breathes life in to the film. His cinematography is undoubdtedly one of the major highlights of the movie. Couple of melodies composed by Darbuka Siva and B. Ajaneesh Loknath are good and a song featuring Parvathi Nair is too good. The background score by Ronnie R Raphael is okay and exceptional during the climax. M. S. Ayyappan Nair's editing is fine.

Production values of Moonshot Entertainment's banner are too good for a medium budget flick like Nimir. Priyadarshan brings in all his experience and weaves a neat and simple revenge story that suits the nativity of the Tamil audience. He makes use of the brilliant visuals and adds enough commercial elements at regular intervals so that audience won't get bored. Though he is 100 % successful in remaking Maheshinte Prathikaram, he does a decent job in keeping the basic emotion of the plot unchanged.

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Udhay is decent in the titular role but he struggles to achieve what Fahadh effortlessly earned t...

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Verdict: Decent revenge drama with high technical values, Give it a try.

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Nimir Live Updates & Public Talk

Udayanidhi Stalin in high on the success of his last outing Ippadai Vellum and he has come up with one more thriller titled Nimir, an official remake of Malayalam super hit Maheshinte Prathikaram. The trailer of Nimir has caught the attention of movie lovers and the movie released today with a decent buzz. A special premiere was held for the press and media and Nimir received a positive response from the critics who watched the film. Check out the Tweets from the critics.

With the morning shows coming to an end, Nimir is getting a good response from the movie lovers and critics. Nimir is being praised for the brilliant cinematography and decent performances from the lead cast. Karunakaran's comedy and Parvathi Nair's performance are said to be the major highlights of Nimir. Check out the latest Tweets below:

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Nimir Preview

What is it about?

Nimir (Arise) is a Tamil language Indian comedy-drama film starring Udhayanidhi Stalin, directed by noted Malayalam filmmaker Priyadarshan. Namitha Pramod and Parvatii Nair played the female leads. Nimir is a Tamil remake of critically acclaimed Malayalam film, Maheshinte Prathikaram (Mahesh’s Revenge) by Dileesh Pothan about a man who vowed not to wear slippers until he gets revenge on the person who wronged him. This film is going to be released on the Republic Day, 26 January 2018.

What to expect?

  • Maheshinte Prathikaram

Maheshinte Prathikaram is a very engaging comedy drama based on a real life incident. The film is down to earth and is populated by characters who walk through our lives every day. This natural narration combined with witty and innocent humor makes for an amazing viewing experience. Nimir is a Tamil remake of Maheshinte Prathikaram. One can expect a similar viewing experience albeit with few changes made to cater for the Tamil audience. This Tamil film about an everyday hero promises to be a choice of the week

  • Udhayanidhi Stalin

Udhayanidhi Stalin is known for many romantic comedies. Popular for his comedic timing and middleclass hero image, films of Udhayanidhi Stalin are identifiable storylines, and super funny dialogues. By remaking an iconic everyday hero Mahesh character, Udhayanidhi Stalin is in line for a success. And his presence guarantees a content driven film.

  • Priyadarshan

Priyadarshan is a renowned Indian filmmaker. Known for his work in a vast number of genres, this versatile Kerala born film director produced numerous memorable films. Priyadarshan directed movies in many Indian languages and is known across the country for his sure handed work. Combined with a superb base story and character driven drama, Prayadarshan’s experience in making comedy films, Nimir is a must watch for every film lover.

  • Ordinariness

There is a beauty in ordinary things. Simplicity speaks louder than gaudy exhibitionism. The hero of this film is an everyday hero, an ordinary man like you and me. He’s a guy next door identifiable by everyone. This is a simple story backed by fluid narration with innocent humor makes for a memorable viewing experience.