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U/A Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller 2 hrs 7 mins Jul 28, 2017
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Nibunan Story

Director: Arun Vaidyanathan

Cast: Arjun as DSP Ranjith Kalidoss, Prasanna as Inspector Joseph, Varalakshmi Sharathkumar as Inspector Vandhana, Shruthi Hariharan as Shilpa, Vaibhav as Sandeep.

DSP Ranjith Kalidoss, Inspector Joseph and Inspector Vandhana work as CB CID and their boss assigned them a new task. They are assigned to capture a group of criminals who continue to break the law and do illegal activities with their influence and power. They are on verge of a direct attack but gets dragged into a mystery. They get a parcel containing a small horse doll but they ignore it. The next day they found that a politician is murdered and was seen hanging at a warehouse and his face was covered an animal mask which is very much like the doll they received. They get the jinx that its the killer who send them the doll and he is not going to stop his killing. 
He sends more clues before the killings and the team starts connecting the clues. DSP Ranjith finds the killer but the killer takes Ranjith down and escapes. The team arrives at the scene and they inform that there's another dead body. But Ranjith already knows and describes it to the team. 

Ranjith learns that all the people who were killed were involved in crimes and he is the next target. Ranjith's boss takes over the case and asks Ranjith to get medical help as he is diseased. Ranjith gets admitted and continues to investigate more on the clues. Ranjith finds that the serial killer is Christopher. Ranjith hunts him down and hangs the serial killer. Ranjith's Boss takes over the case and hides the identity of the killer and informs the press that Christopher is another victim of the Serial Killer. 

Ranjith reveals to the team and plans to kill the 5 criminals and blame it on the serial killer and also frame the last one as the serial killer himself. The movie was one of the finest mystery thrillers released in the year. It bagged a decent collection.

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