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Next Nuvve Review

A Comedy, Horror, Thriller 2 hrs 22 mins Nov 3, 2017





Next Nuvve Review & Rating

ETV Prabhakar's directorial debut, 'Next Nuvve' has garnered a decent hype and has finally hit the screens amidst great expectations. A genre that has become bankable in the recent times is comedy-horror and looks like the team has struck the chords with the audience. Though the movie gets mellow at parts, with a great dose of comedy induced into this horror flick, the movie will be loved by the masses and the youth alike. Adhi surprises with a matured performance and seems to have got a decent solo hit after a while and this will definitely push his career higher.

Rating 2.75 from  123telugu

Hero Aadhi Saikumar’s performance is decent in parts. Heroine Vaibhavi did an okay job as hero’s ...

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Stuck in deep financial crisis, Karthi (Aadhi Sai Kumar) needs to sort out his issues at the earliest. This is where he realizes that his father leaves him a resort as a property for him. In order to meet his ends, he sets out to make the best use of it. But, much to his shock, he sees weird things happening in the resort from day 1 which freaks him and his companions out. What are the changes? And what's the reason behind all these unusual happenings is something that forms the rest of the story. 

Rating 2.5 from  telugu360

‘ Next Nuvve ‘ is yet another run of the mill , farcical movie in the name of ‘ Comedy Horror ‘ g...

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Aadhi Sai Kumar has bettered his performance when compared to his previous movies and the production values are top notch. A special mention for Brahmaji, who evokes laughter whenever he appears on the screen with his one-liners and punches. Vaibhavi and Rashmi fairly did their job while Prudhvi and Thagubothu Ramesh entertain in their roles. Also, actor Raghu Babu stands out in the pre-climax portion. We might only have to say that Prabhakar should have tightened the narration apart from which, as a debutant, he has done a decent job.

Rating 2.5 from  telugubullet

The director tried to instill the fear showing mysterious deaths as the backdrop. If that’s the c...

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Verdict: If you love comedy-horrors, then you cannot afford to miss this one. A great watch to complete this weekend on a high.

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