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Nenjam Marappathillai

U/A Drama, Horror 2 hrs 23 mins Mar 5, 2021
Nenjam Marappathillai





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Directed by the uncompromising filmmaker of Tamil cinema, Selvaraghavan, ‘Nenjam Marappathillai’ is a psychological thriller that sheds light on the concepts of devil and God and our own fight within. It has SJ Surya playing the lead role. Regina Cassandra and Nanditha Swetha appear in crucial characters.

 ‘Nenjam Marappathillai’ has been the most expected films of 2017. Although it was finished a way back, makers have chosen to release for June 30. With two intriguing trailers before the release, the film piqued audiences’ interest immensely. It is believed that the main plot of the film revolves around SJ Surya and Regina Cassandra. SJ Surya apparently plays an alcoholic while Regina appears as a maid in Surya's home. 

The film explores the concepts of Christian faith, the existence of God and the devil. The film tries to give answers or at least make us think about the source of unavoidable sorrow in your life. The film mirrors director Selveraghavan’s take on life. His quest for meaning is being symbolically presented in the film. Our journey through the phases of good, bad and ugly forms the crux of the movie. 

The film boasts an ensemble cast including, SJ Surya, Regina Cassandra and Nanditha Swetha. The trailer promises incredible performances from the lead cast. Especially, SJ Surya seems to have nailed his role throughout the film without a miss. Interestingly, SJ Surya has always wanted to be an actor and but he has ended up being a renowned director. But this film, he believes, shows his acting abilities in a broad light and hopes that it brings him more and more opportunities to act. Likewise, Regina Cassandra, who plays Mariam, a typical Christian girl, seems to have got her dream role with this film. Her role is extremely important to the film and she pulled it off well. Along with these two, we can also see Nandita Swetha playing a key character in the film. She plays a drug addict and her role is totally relatable today’s youth. 

When it comes to music, Yuvan Shankar Raj, after almost eight years is collaborating with Selvarghavan. They have earlier super hit musical albums like 7/G Rainbow Colony and Pudhupettai. Yuvan has given an extremely intriguing background which is much required for a psychological thriller along with chartbusters. Especially, the theme song ‘Good, Bad and Ugly’ is a pool proof what kind music can be extracted from if a composer falls in the hands of a right director. All four songs of the film are mostly used as the narrative that takes forward the story.

Nenjam Marappathillai Cast & Crew

  • S. J. Surya


  • Regina Cassandra


  • Gautham Menon


  • Yuvan Shankar Raja

    Music Director

  • Ondraga Entertainmen


  • Escape Artist Motion Pictures


  • Selvaraghavan


  • Arvind Krishna (Cinematographer)


  • Prasanna GK