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U/A Drama 2 hrs 18 mins Aug 24, 2018





Neevevaro Review & Rating


Neevevaro Review - A Predictable Thriller Which Fails To Do Justice To Its Stars

The setting

Thrillers are meant to stun the audience with twists and turns hitherto unexperienced. They are meant to make the audience sit at the edge of the seat and bite their nails without even thinking anything other than the movie. Such movies are far and rare in between in Telugu these days. That is the reason for most of the youngsters to depend on the thrillers from foreign films. 

Every now and then films like Kshanam crop up and give a glimpse at the potential the filmmakers have in conceiving such films. Coming to the latest offering of Aadhi Pinisetty, the movie is an official remake of the Tamil film Adhe Kangal meaning same eyes. It revolves around a young chef who is blind but that doesn't handicap him from leading his life normally. 

A sudden incidence turns everything upside down and he had to come to terms with the loss of his love. Sounds like a love story? The see this. He is already loved by a girl who is his friend for a long time. No. But this is a thriller. The movie has a lot of potential to keep the Telugu audience in grips. 

The Man and his world

Now, coming to Aadhi Pinisetty, he sees himself as an actor first. he had played a variety of roles in both Telugu and Telugu. But in Telugu, he mostly played supporting roles these days after debuting as a hero long ago. It's like a sort of homecoming for him. He played the role of a blind guy, Kalyan, who had lost his sight at the age of 15 due to cornea problems. But he never lost his confidence and rose to become a master chef, gains recognition all over, and has a successful hifi restaurant. He has some good savings too. 

As the opening sentence of Jane Austen's beloved classic Pride and Prejudice, It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife. His longtime friend Anu loves him. Even their parents are ready to ring the wedding bells. Bit things go always the same route. It's also universally acknowledged. Enter Vennela! Played by the national star heroine Tapsee Pannu who had delivered some of the best performances by an Indian actress in recent times.

Kalyan loves her by imagining her good nature. And even resorts to give her all his savings to her when she is in dire need. But unfortunately, he meets with an accident and gets hospitalized. Suddenly, Vennela vanishes. Once recovered, he gets his sight back via an operation. He starts searching for Vennela, aided by none other than Anu. The police are not of much help. But there's always one to help the hero. No? The excellent Vennela Kishore. 

His plight

What happens to Kalyan's search for Vennela, and what is the reason behind his accident.... as we know from the trailer that it is not just an ordinary accident. It's a cold-blooded murder attempt. For those who have seen the Tamil original, this Telugu version cannot be a great option. 

Despite the romantic sounding title, Neevevaro, and the search is not just for Vennela but also a look into the deepest and darkest corners of the human soul, the movie fails to keep the attention of the audience. The earthy nature of the original is spoiled by the casting of the stars. Only Ritika Singh has come without a baggage. The setting became posh. All this make Kalyan's plight artificial looking despite the best efforts of Aadhi Pinisetty who really excelled as the visually challenged person. 

A failed promise

Though the two heroines look beautiful on the screen, there are no romantic sparks between them to make the twist even more shocking. Everything is lost in translation despite the promise of the director who said he greatly improved the narration compared to the original. The narration in the first half is dead slow and the proceedings in the second half are painfully predictable. Not even to those who have not watched the Tamil original. 

Good work by the crew

Music by Achu Rajamani and Prasan is good in parts but help build the tension which is sorely missing in the narration. The cinematography is first rate. The visuals have all the markings for a film like this. The mood created by the lighting is excellent. But all lost because of the faulty narration. The editing is good without unnecessary jerks. The production values are top-notch. 

Secondary characters like Kalyan's parents and others played by Tulasi, Sivajiraja, Sathya Krishnan are wasted in limited roles. But they did well enough. There are too many characters that don't register in the minds of the audience which is a criminally insensitive on the part of the director. An experienced hand like Kona Venkat didn't do anything to lift the film. 


On a whole, a predictable thriller which doesn't do justice to the love story nore to the thriller element. It is just another entry into the Telugu films that release on Firday and forgotten by the end of the day. Aadhi's attempt to shine as a solo hero in his home film industry need another film for it to happen. The present? He did well. It's the sold saving grace. 

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Neevevaro Live Updates & Public Talk

Aadhi Pinisetty finally returns to Tollywood as a solo hero after a long gap. After making waves with his performance as the villain in Sarrainodu and as one of the heroes in Rangasthalam, this Pinisetty guy comes up with the thriller with a love story at the base. Neevevaro hits the theatres today and it stars Tapsee Pannu (in a sort of return to Telugu Cinema) and Ritika Singh as Aadhi's love interests. Aadhi plays the role of a master chef who suffers from blindness due to some problem in his teenage. The early and morning shows are underway and let's see it turns out to be for Aadhi.

The movie is advertised as a thriller with a fresh story and with two heroines saying they love Aadhi's Kalyan in the trailers, we know that there is also a love story at its heart. Now, the early reports say that the movie is a nail-biting thriller. Aadhi and Tapsee are said to have done justice for their roles. 

Now, there are some views that the movie is getting predictable post-interval. The Vizag fight scene is getting highlighted as one of the big moments in the movie. Tapsee is just awesome as the female lead. As she has been carving for strong roles, it finally appears that her thirst for good roles in Telugu finally quenched. But the routine way in which the film s narrated is slammed by some of the early watchers. Some even go to the extent saying though Neevevaro is not a horrible movie, it has no potential for Aadhi to act in it in any way. 

But the mixed talk continues. Some of the public reports say the movie is terrific and the performances are great. According to some others, though the performances are the highlight, the movie falls flat. The movie is lacking in exciting moments in it. But overall, it is the first half which is a bit slow while the pace quickens up in the second half. 

Watch this space for more Neevevaro public talk, live updates and more. 

Neevevaro Preview

What is Neevevaro about?

Thrillers are generally rare in Telugu for the last decade and a half, especially with the major heroes. Now, things are taking a new turn and keeping in mind the change of wind in Telugu Cinema for the last two years, various genres are explored and known names are acting in such movies. Neevevaro is one such film. But with a twist.

At the heart of Neevevaro is a love story. It is the story of Kalyan, a master chef despite being a blind person. He is known for his confident attitude. A girl played by Ritika Singh loves him and he loves or it so seems another girl played by Tapsee Pannu. A love triangle. But their world turns upside down when Kalyan is killed (it appears like that in the trailer). Another role played by Aadhi Pinisetty, an investigative journalist, takes up the case into his hands. Kalyan's wasn't an accident. It was a deliberate plan to kill him. 

The movie has talent overflowing from it. Aadhi despite not having a success as a solo hero has gained following in Telugu courtesy his Tamil films. Tapsee is the actress of the moment with a variety of roles in Bollywood and Ritika Singh, the mixed martial artist turned actress, who shot to fame with Salaa Khaddoos and its remake Guru. Noted screenwriter and producer Kona Venkat comes up with this film as an official remake of critically acclaimed Tamil movie Adhey Kangal. Actor of the moment in Tollywood Vennela Kishore has an interesting role. 

What to expect from Neevevaro?

An interesting storyline

The story of the film as discussed in the above section revolves around a blind man and his murder. He is not an everyday person. He is a master chef known almost all over. He was loved by two women and he loved one among them. A love triangle. But the triangle is squashed when he is eliminated as one of the heroines utter in the trailer. The reason? There is another reference to the currently prevailing problem of call money. 

The story then takes another turn when an investigative journalist played again by Aadhi takes the case up and investigates the reason behind Kalyan's murder and the racket behind it. All this makes for an excellent thriller. And the twists in the original film are superb to start with. And as the director, Harinath says if anything is improved on the already excellent original, Neevevaro is going to be the movie to watch out for this weekend. 

A superb trio of actors

Aadhi Pinisetty's Telugu debut didn't go according to the plans. But after proving himself to be a bankable star in Tamil, he got a name as a talented actor with the antagonist role in the blockbuster masala film Sarrainodu and as one of the protagonists of Rangasthalam. Now, he has become a known name in Telugu and that he had acted again in a solo hero role, things became interesting. And he is a versatile actor. 

Tapsee Pannu who had acted in many glamorous roles in the past made herself a name in Bollywood with some excellent roles in some of the most acclaimed films in recent times. She had proved her mettle as an actress time and again. Now, she is playing one of the main roles in Neevevaro means, the character has weight. It's not just one another role. And from what we can deduce from the material we have in hands, her role have a major twist.

Ritika Singh has shot to fame with Guru in Telugu. She was also the played the same role in Tamil/Hindi original of the movie. This movie is also a remake but she is playing a role played by another actor in the Tamil original. It is evidenced from the trailer that she may have few action sequences what with her bytes of punching a punch bag. But her role starts in a soft-mannered way. 

Production values

Kona Venkat, the screenwriter cum producer has previously given us a movie like Neevevaro. He is a producer with a taste and the production design of his films is top-notch. He has taken every care with Neevevaro. And coming to the director Harinath, he had previously directed Lovers in 2014. But with a strong base story and a talented cast in Neevevaro with the support of an able hand like Kona Venkat, He is sure to strike gold this time. And he looks confident about this movie. 

Watch this space for Neevevaro review, rating and complete analysis. Be right back!