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Needi Naadi Oke Katha Review

U Drama, Romance 2 hrs 1 mins Mar 23, 2018





Needi Naadi Oke Katha Review & Rating


Parents want their children to be in the best possible position both in life and in career. But not all parents listen to the hearts of their children. Quite often it is considered a career only when it is either medicine or engineering. In India, anything other than that is taken as a failure. But life is not just about engineering or medicine. It has different shades to explore. What is the ultimate goal of life? Being in a profession everyone thinks wow? Or being happy doing whatever we can do? Many in the society follow the lead of others and think they are moving in a right direction. But only few can create their own path. We watch the story of Sagar who carves his own path in his life 

Needi Naadi Oke Katha is a tale of Sagar and his father. Sagar wants to be loved by his father. He had great memories with his father from his childhood. But as years passed on in his educational career, things start to go awry. Sagar's father wants his son to be state first or the best in education. But Sagar often scrapes through the examinations. As he fails to fulfill the dreams of his father and a cold war starts between the father and son. Sagar feels that people like those loved by his father, ideal students do not exist.

In one of his conversations with his younger sister, he challenges that if any such ideal student exists, he will bow to them. One day, his sister tells him about Dhaarmika. Dhaarmika is an ideal girl, who has nothing but gaining good marks as her aim. Sagar follows her everywhere and finally asks her to help him become a person his father loves. Then starts the magical story of Sagar, Dhaarmika, and his father. Is Sagar's dream of fulfilling his father's wishes come true? Has Sagar found his true path? What is the role of Dhaarmika in his journey towards salvation forms the crux of the story.

Sree Vishnu excelled in the role of Sagar is an understatement. We can see only Sagar and his struggle to become the person of his father's dreams on the screen. By midway through the first half, we find ourselves traveling with Sagar, and his struggle becomes ours. Such is the performance of Sree Vishnu in Needi Naadi Oke Katha. His expressions in various moods and his dialogue delivery are impeccable as a middle-class guy. Webcam watches the movie just to experience his performance. But the highlights are not going to stop there.

Director Devi Prasad played the father character and he excelled as a middle-class man who wants his children to settle. His scenes in combination with Sree Vishnu forms the backbone of the movie. 
Satna Titus as an ideal student who helps Sagar reaching the goal is amicable. She did a competent job in this film and proved to be an ideal folly for Sree Vishnu. The girl who played the sister of the hero has given a very natural performance. Rest of the cast make a mark on our hearts with their performance. Every character in this movie is memorable. 

Now to the real hero of Needi Naadi Oke Katha. Venu Udugula came up with a story of everyone. It is the same in every household. Parents treat children as their dream machines. They want their children to settle. They treat their children as the representation of their divinity in the society. But often they fail to understand the real capabilities of their children. Venu treated this universal subject in an objective manner. He represented both sides of the coin on equal footing. His direction is top notch. His work can be mistaken for a veteran. The screenplay is fluid and not one scene comes as a hindrance to the flow of the narration. Full marks for him to come up with a subject identifiable with everyone and treated it like never before.

Music by Suresh Bobbili complements the narration and creates the mood. His background score towards the climax is a perfect example of blending with visuals. The cinematography is natural and the silhouettes are captured very well. As the movie is made with Dogme 95 manifesto, we find the visuals natural without added Colorado grading. The movie appears like happening before our eyes. Editing did a nice job. There are no jerky scenes bad transitions. The scenes and shots flow quite naturally. Locations are quite authentic. 

Production values are first rate. The movie has arresting visuals. Nara Rohit who produced (presented) Needi Naadi Oke Katha made a surprise cameo in this movie towards the end of the story. His character pushes the story forward towards an amazing climax.

Finally, Needi Naadi Oke Katha is not a movie to be watched. It has to be experienced. It's the story of everyone and gives inspiration to those who needed it. It is a tale of Sagar finding the meaning of his life. He starts like Siddhartha and becomes a Buddha by the ending. The narration creates interest in the audience. Though few scenes feel repeated, it doesn't feel boring. The director Venu Udugula comes up with a top class movie. It is quite rare in Indian cinema to keep the audience glued to the seats with the power of storytelling. VenuUdugula did a commendable job. The director depended on story and story and story. Nothing more and created a movie which proves to be a class apart.

Needi Naadi Oke Katha Critic Reviews

Needi Naadi Oke Katha User Reviews

  • Satya

    11 Apr 18 @ 10:46 AM

    Needi Naadi Oke Katha - For The Youth

    Sree Vishnu scored a super hit with Mental Madhilo and he is now back with another natural performance in Needi Naadi Oke Katha. The film starts on a sloppy note and it takes a while to adjust to the Rayalaseema slang the actors use. But once the core theme and characters are set, Sree Vishnu lits the screen with his amazing performance. Being a less experienced actor, he carries the entire film on his shoulders and impresses us with his natural performance. The second best thing about the film is that it is relatable to everyone and one can identify with the role Sree Vishnu plays in the film. The music and background score are superb and so was the camera and artwork. The director chooses a realistic story and presents in a natural manner with meaningful dialogues. Go for it, you'll like it for sure.

  • Tarun

    23 Mar 18 @ 1:49 PM

    Very Good To watch this Film...!! It Consists of all Emotions In A Family And A Students Now A Days How they Suffering from his Struggling Of Study. The Movie Perfeclty Showed India's Forcing Nature of Studying. My Request to The People Who Read My Review Pls Talk With Your Kids Of What they want to be In thier Life....As I Am Also A Child Of a Parent Who Understanded me and My Goals Now I Am Hapoy About What I am Studying and Abt My Career

  • Venkat Penmetsa

    14 Apr 19 @ 2:47 PM

Needi Naadi Oke Katha Live Updates & Public Talk

Sree Vishnu has been coming up with interesting films like Appatlo Okadundevadu, Mental Madhilo etc. which received good critical acclaim. This time he has come up with yet another realistic film titled Needi Naadi Oke Katha which is expected to connect with the youth. The movie is released today and a special preview show was also held in Hyderabad on Thursday. This is what the viewers from the preview are saying about Needi Naadi Oke Katha

Needi Naadi Oke Katha is receiving a great response from the cinema lovers who appreciating the narration and dialogues of Venu Udugula. Despite being a debutant he seems to have done a great job in keeping the audience interested in the film with his storytelling. Though few of the audience are slightly disappointed for the lack of commercial elements, most of the public response for Needi Naadi Oke Katha is positive. Check out the latest Tweets on Needi Naadi Oke Katha below.

With the preview shows in Hyderabad and USA premieres coming to an end, Needhi Naadhi Oke Katha has received a unanimous positive response from the audience. Sree Vishnu seems to have a great job once again as he successfully represents the lives of the youth on the big screen. Venky Udugula's confidence in the story and the trust of producers on Sree Vishnu's acting capabilities and the story seems to have worked wonders for the film. The producers of the film, Nara Rohit and Prashanthi are being appreciated for backing up a project like this. Check out the latest Public response below.

Needi Naadi Oke Katha is being applauded for portraying the relationship of a father and son beautifully. Though few of the critics are slightly disappointed with the narration, the response from the general audience super positive. Vishnu has hit the jackpot once again as he scores his second hit after the much successful Mental Madhilo.

As the morning shows have come to an end, Sree Vishnu's Needi Naadi Oke Katha has settled down with a super positive response from all quarters. With a realistic story narrated in a realistic manner, director Venu seems to have successfully impressed the audience. With powerful dialogues and writing which is well supported by the natural yet intense performances from Sree Vishnu and others, Needi Naadi Oke Katha is being termed as one of the best small budget films to hit the screens in the recent times.

Stay tuned for more Live Updates, Tweet Reviews and Public Talk of Needhi Naadhi Oke Katha.

Needi Naadi Oke Katha Preview

What is Needi Naadi Oke Katha about?

Needi Naadi Oke Katha is a Telugu drama film directed by debutant Venu Udugula. It stars Sree Vishnu in the lead role. Bichagaadu fame Satna Titus is playing the female lead role. The movie is produced by Krishna Vijay and Prashanthi on Aran Media Works banner. Nara Rohit is presenting this movie. This movie has the distinction of the first ever Telugu movie to follow Dogme 95 system of filmmaking where the movie is based on the traditional values of story, acting, and theme. This sort filmmaking excludes the use of special effects or technology.

Needi Naadi Oke Katha is a story about a youngster who goes against the norms in his career. He a middle-class rebellious youth. He questions the conventional system of education. He wants to break the stereotypes. Noted Tollywood director says that Needi Naadi Oke Katha is an important film, and further commented that the movie highlights the mindset of students who struggle to live up to the expectations of the parents in this competitive world. It gives a message to marks-obsessed parents, who pressurize their children and motivates the underperforming students.

What to expect from Needi Naadi Oke Katha?

The lead pair magic

Sree Vishnu made himself a name with movies like Appatlo Okadundevadu, Jayammu Nischayammu Raa, Mental Madhilo, and Vunnadhi Okate Zindagi is playing the lead role in this movie. In his short career, Sree Vishnu proved himself to be a capable performer and has a knack for selecting different subjects. He played the character Sagar, a reckless youngster with an independent mindset. He doesn’t follow conventional wisdom. He wants to become successful by following his own path.

Satna Titus endeared herself to Telugu audience with her role in the superhit movie Bichagadu is playing the role of a young woman, Dharmika, with strong convictions. Dharmika is disciplined, driven and ambitious. When such characters meet, it will be life-changing for one of them. Sagar’s lifestyle forever, and he becomes a responsible person.

Strong emotional connect

Of the three major characters in Needi Naadi Oke Katha is the father of Sagar. . He is a teacher by profession. Popular director Devi Prasad played the role in his acting debut. He previously directed movies like Aaduthu Paaduthu, Leela Mahal Center, Blade Babji etc. and became of the Telugu directors who turned actors. There is a strong conflict between the father and son characters. Intense emotions are displayed. Sagar wants to make his father happy not by following the herd, but by carving his own way. From the trailer, it can be expected that sparks will fly in their combination scenes.

Brilliant dialogues

The trailer of the movie ends with a strong dialogue uttered by Sree Vishnu character. The dialogue Eppudu chasthamo teliyani ee bongulo life lo entraa mee sodhanthaa. The dialogue is a distilling of the hero character life philosophy.  And there are other dialogues from the trailer that makes the characters relatable to present day youth. Dialogues on the race to become doctors and engineers, hero’s conversation with his parents, and his interaction with the heroine. Everything promises Needi Naadi Oke Katha to be a movie to watch out for.