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U/A Action, Drama Dec 20, 2019





Ruler Review & Rating

Ruler Review: Complete Feast For Balakrishna Fans

The premise

Nata Simha Balakrishna is one such rare hero in Telugu Cinema who generates buzz for his films even without promotions. Hits or flops never diminish his stature. After paying tribute to his father with the epic biopic, he's now back to his home turf of mass jathara movie. K. S. Ravikumar who has given him a memorable hit like Jai Simha early last year joins hands with Balakrishna for Ruler.

Right from the surprising first look a la Tony Stark (style) and the trailers, the makers made no bones of the fact that Ruler is an out and out mass movie which is spun around the image of Balakrishna. By getting himself up to the speed with a new makeover, let's see if Balakrishna delivers the year-end bang for Tollywood with Ruler review.

The story

The movie starts with a wounded man rescued by a good samaritan and is admitted to a hospital. An elderly businesswoman Sarojini Naidu's (Jayasudha) life is under threat but the wounded man suddenly wakes up and saves her life. Impressed and in gratitude she takes his responsibility and nurses him to recovery.

The man is Balakrishna and now we get to watch the much-talked-about Tony Stark look with all that stylish goatee and full suited Balayya. He's Uber cool in the getup. Sarojini christens him Arjun Prasad. He is given the responsibility of her business ventures.

The man looks after the business ventures of the lady and in due course, he has his own rivals in the form of Harika, a young head of an IT firm. When they're in Bangkok, a young lady gets kidnapped by the villains. Meanwhile, Sarojini makes sure that Arjun doesn't get time to think about his past. She particularly narrates him a tragic incident from her life and the trouble she faced in Uttar Pradesh and asks him not to go there.

But circumstances play in a way that he has to go to that state. There he fights for the farmers and solves their issue. People there recognise him as Dharma. Who is Dharma? Does Sarojini Naidu know about him? Why did she hide his past? How is Dharma related to the lady who was kidnapped by the villains? Watch the movie to get answers to all these questions.

Writing and direction

Undoubtedly, Ruler is a Balakrishna's one-man show. Aiming to cater to his fans, the director has come up with a narration which is the strong forte for the star hero. The first half is interesting with equal importance to mass elevations and humor. The interval twist is known to all of us as we have seen several films of this sort. By this time, even the newest fans of Balakrishna know that his mass films will have a flashback with heavy-duty action. But it's the action sequences that helped carry the emotional weight.

The second half is where we get to know about this new avatar, Dharma. It is where we get to see a host of talented actors like Bhumika, Prakash Raj, Vedhika, et al. Though it goes in the expected lines, the way farmers issues got highlighted is good. The climax is heady and gives fans a chance to celebrate with some brilliant stunt work by Balakrishna.


The dialogues have typical Balakrishna flavor and he didn't disappoint with his inimitable style of mouthing them. His dance moves, in the song with Sonal Chauhan are too good. There are not many actors who can carry emotional sequences like Balakrishna does. Jayasudha is her typical self in the role of an elderly businesswoman. Sonal Chauhan adds glamor to the screen and is competent in her role.

Vedhika who comes mostly in the second half is good. Bhumika did an engaging role and is neat. Aryan Rajesh played a smaller but crucial role and is decent. The comedian gang in the first half and second half played by the likes of Srinivas Reddy, Dhanaraj, Raghu Babu, Sapthagiri, etc. are over the top. The villain gang has nothing new to offer. Prakash Raj in a smaller role adds weight to the flashback.

The crew

The music of the film is average. But Action Hero is lifted to the next level by Balakrishna. The background score is good. The cinematography is one of the highlights of the film and captured the mood of the film well. The editing could have been better. A little tightening would help the film to feel racy. The production values are good. 


On a whole, Ruler is a Jathara to Balayya fans and offers a few good moments to mass film lovers. You can watch it once as the film is narrated in an engaging manner and for Balakrishna's nailing of the new look.


  • Balakrishna all the way
  • Balakrishna's stylish new look
  • Engaging narration with enough mass moments


  • Lengthy runtime

Pycker rating: 3 out of 5

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