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Natpe Thunai Review

U Drama, Sport 2 hrs 34 mins Apr 4, 2019





Natpe Thunai Review & Rating

Natpe Thunai: An Unengaging Sports Drama Which lacks Emotional Punch

The premise

Natpe Thunai caught the attention of the movie buffs as a sports film and as a star vehicle for popular Tamil musician/music director Hiphop Tamizha Aadhi. Touted as an entertainer, this film has Anagha as the female lead and Karu Pazhaniappan, Kausalya, RJ Vigneshkanth, etc. in other important roles. Let's see how this youthful entertainer works out with Natpe Thunai review. 

The story

Prabhakaran is apparently your regular happy-go-lucky youngster with no aim in his life. Like all of our such heroes, he just roams around killing time until one fateful moment when he encounters the heroine, here, in this case, Deepa, played by Anagha. He wants to go to France to settle down (he belongs to Pondicherry obviously). For that purpose, he goes to Karaikal. 

But things turn upside down when he meets a hockey coach Shanmugham whom he meets thanks to Deepa. Shanmugham is an upright person and is a strict disciplinarian. His background like all such characters we have seen in the past is military. The problem raises when the land of the ground where Shanmugham gives training is curbed by a big head with a well-connected network. 

After several scenes we have seen in gazillion films, the conflict leads to a point where Shanmugham's wards have to fight it off with a professional hockey club team to keep their ground. How Prabhakar gets involved in all this and if the ground remains with Shanmugham's form the rest of the story. 

Writing and direction

Tollywood movie Sye! Where the students of a college have to play a rugby match with a gangster and his gang members to keep their college intact. And then there is Lagaan where a group of villagers has to play a cricket match with a team of players comprised of the ruling British. We have seen it all many times. This is the theme of the film Natpe Thunai. 

And then there is the evil MNC whose activities lead to social and environmental problems for people. Kaththi! A sincere and talented youngster has to forego of his aim because of situations (you know?). Many more films. All in all, Natpe Thunai is a rehash of a rehash of many films we have seen and enjoyed or rejected outright. 

There is nothing much to write about the story of the film. We better say Natpe Thunai comprises of random scenes which are stitched together. The only high point in the writing of this film is there are certain scenes which appeal to the youth. And then there are customary stalking and soft sexist scenes. 

The performances

Hiphop Tamizha Aadhi is dashing in his role and the interval block is executed well despite it being a regular masala fare. Be it the screen presence or the dialogue delivery, his work caters to his fans. Anagha is okayish as the heroine. Harish Uthaman has delivered a top-notch performance as the hockey coach. It is only his role which is clearly defined in the movie to some extent. 

Eruma Saani Vijay has some scene-stealing moments and he did well. Karu Palaniappan is terrific as the principal antagonist of the movie. But his work is undermined to some extent because of undercooked characterization. Rest of the actors fail to make an impact because of some poor writing. 

The crew

The music of the film is clearly the biggest highlight. The score also worked well in elevating an otherwise ordinary narration. But the lack of emotional connect played the spoilsport. The cinematography is neat without being spectacular. Even the climactic hockey scenes don't stand out. The editing of the film is pretty bad. None of the major scenes register with the audience. This goes in equal parts to the narration and editing. The production values are decent and so is the production design. 


Natpe Thunai may appeal to Aadhi fans and it appears to aim solely at that USP. Otherwise, it is a disappointment both to sports film lovers. And it doesn't even appeal to those who are into social causes (MNC angle). The first half fails to create curiosity as it doesn't reveal much about the hero's goal and the second half lacks emotional punch. Not exactly an avoidable film. But no need to watch it in theatres either. After all, within a few months, it'll be aired on streaming services. 


  • Hiphop Tamizha Aadhi
  • Entertainment aimed at the youth


  • Incoherent narration with unnecessary multiple threads
  • Lack of an emotional connect

Pycker Rating: 2.5 out of 5

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  • Chinu

    11 Apr 19 @ 3:05 PM

    a amazing movie with social message.... 

Natpe Thunai Live Updates & Public Talk

Natpe Thunai is the second feature film for Hiphop Thamizha Aadhi as a lead actor. The sports drama directed by D. Parthiban Desingu has created a lot of buzz before its release and gained considerable hype in the lead up to its release. The movie hits the screens today. And with the early morning shows coming to an end and the morning shows rolling out, the movie is gaining mixed to positive reviews from the critics and the audience. The performances of the lead actors are received positively and the music is said t be another highlight.

The movie is said to start slow but picks the pace up as the story progresses. The interval block is excellent with good BGM. Hiphop Thamizha Aadhi has come up with an entertaining performance. One of the problems the early watchers pointed out about this movie is the lack of an emotional connect. But as an entertainer with commercial elements, the movie delivers on the promise. 

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Natpe Thunai Preview

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