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Action, Drama, Romance Sep 28, 2018





Natakam Review & Rating


Natakam Review: Very Good First Half Is Ruined By Mediocre Second Half

Natakam created curiosity among film lovers with its rustic setting similar to RX 100 and the youth with its bold content in the trailer. Ashish Gandhi who played villain roles in films like Pataas has tried his luck as a hero with this film and the heroine Ashima Nerwal is liberal with her dose of glamor. Director Kalyan Ji Gogana came up with an impressive premise. Let's see if all the concerned parties with the movie received a break they wanted with Natakam review. 

Balakoteswara Rao aka Koti is a rugged village youth who has nothing to work with. Obviously, he eats, roams the village streets and finally drinks with his father played by Thotapalli Madhu. He gets no matches for obvious reasons. On the other side of the spectrum, there is a chain-snatching gang who kills people for fun (reminds you of a certain Kannada film?). Enter Parvathi, played by the sensuous Ashima Nerwal, an orphan. Our hero comes across her and it is love at first sight. Our hero is a self-respecting Tollywood hero, no?

But there is a dark past to Parvathi. And when there is a chain-snatching gang who kills people for fun, there must be police. The police are on the hunt for the gang. What has this gang to do with Koti's village, Chinthalapudi? What's the dark past of Parvathi? How the love story ends? And how and if the police nab the gang? The answers to all these questions form the rest of the story. 

Ashish Gandhi is an asset to the film with his authentic performance. As a village brat, he is both cringe-worthy and lovable at the same time. His body language, smile, and even the expressions add to his charm and ultimately to the first half of the film. It is in the second half that the film was derailed. The director who sets the story quite effectively in the first half and gives the unfolds the interval equally well, failed to continue the same intensity in the second half. The chain snatcher thread and the love thread are not blended properly. The narration feels incoherent. 

The heroine, Ashima Nerwal is sensuous and did all she has to in order to attract the youth to the theatres. On the acting front, she is adequate. Thotapalli Madhu who played hero's father is good in the role. Rest of the cast members are adequate in their roles. The chain snatching gang members looked cruel in the beginning but lost the same post-interval. 

The pre-climax and climax are twist-ridden but make the viewing a jarring experience as they don't go well with the flow of the film. The actor who played the policeman is not utilised properly. The unnecessary hero elevation scenes and the songs in the second half whose theme is simply the hero runs after the heroine come as speed-breakers. 

Sai Karthik's music in the songs is good. A couple of songs are picturised very well. The background score is effective in the first half and elevated the otherwise pathetic proceedings in the second half brilliantly. The cinematography by Garuda Vega Anji is first rate. He captured the rugged beauty of the village atmosphere wonderfully. Editing could have been better in the second half. 

On a whole, Natakam is a decent effort by the new producers and the hero grabbed the chance with both hands. The director proved himself to be talented enough but the narrative flow in the second half brings him negative marks. The twists which should have elevated the viewing experience during the pre-climax and the climax marred the viewing experience unfortunately. You can give it a try if you want to kill some time with a different kind of cinema. But just watch the first half and comeback. Enough!

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  • Pavankalyan

    6 Oct 18 @ 10:26 AM

  • Mohammed

    3 Oct 18 @ 4:51 PM

    A different movie awsome

  • Praveen

    28 Sep 18 @ 12:45 PM

    nice movie

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What is Natakam about?

Natakam is one of the films following the latest trend of rustic village romantic dramas with an intense narration like RX 100. The movie stars Ashish Gandhi and Ashima Nerwal in the lead roles. The film is produced by Rizwan and Khushi on Rizwan Entertainment. The music of the film is composed by Sai Kartheek. PSV Garuda Vega fame Anji handled the cinematography for this film. 

The story of this concerns that of a youngster in a rustic village and his love story with a young woman and the fight he has to wage for his love. The young man is Koteswara Rao and his beloved is Parvathi. The hero's styling reminds us of Ram Charan in Rangasthalam. The rural backdrop with violence reminds us of RX 100. 

What to expect from Natakam?

An intense love story

Natakam! The title of the film has a raw appeal which may give away the theme of the film. But on the surface, to be a love story between a village youth Koteswara Rao and a village belle Parvathi. Apart from this, from the trailer, we can understand that the youngster is a firebrand and he has enemies. He can bear with the pain and can inflict his anger upon his rivals. He is the alpha male of the sort we expect from the 1980s. 

The lead pair and romance

To be frank, the main attraction in the story is romantic scenes between the lead pair. There are plenty of unabashed romantic scenes in the film. But that aside, the lead pair did a fine job from what is evidenced by the trailer. Their appearance is authentic and their chemistry worked out big time. Certainly, on the acting front, Natakam team is well covered. 

Music and cinematography

The music by Sai Kartheek is one of the highlights of Natakam. The music creates and follows the mood of the film. That of a rustic village drama. Also, Garuda Vega fame Anji's cinematography is also quite good. It is both atmospheric and the visuals have a raw energy that can be associated with such films. 

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