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Narthanasala Review

U/A Drama 2 hrs 19 mins Aug 30, 2018





Narthanasala Review & Rating


Narthanasala Review: Falls Short of Expectations


When a movie is promised as a comedy, the audience expects a lot of fun and entertainment. And when the movie is produced by the hero's home banner, it speaks something about the film. A movie loved by the hero. When a hero loved the character he plays, the movie is expected to be a gem. Is that a similar case with Naga Shaurya starrer Narthanasala (titled @Narthanasala to be exact)? Let's see with At Narthanasala review. 

The person because of whom the movie gained attention is Naga Shaurya obviously. And as the heroines and the director are new (Yamini Bhaskar might have done a couple of films including the controversial Keechaka), the onus is completely on him to attract the audience to the theatres, and THAT he did well. Narthanasala was in the news for all the right reasons barring a few and even the music gained popularity with songs like Egirene Manasu listed in the top songs of the current week. 

The story of a boy brought up as a girl

The story of Narthanasala revolves around a youngster who was brought up as a girl in the early days. The hero's father played by Sivaji Raja, expects that his wife would give birth to a girl child. But that was not so. His wife gives birth to a baby boy. Kalamandir Kalyan (hero's father) gets disappointed but dresses his son as a girl for the sake of his father who has health issues. Throughout the childhood, Kalamandir Kalyan raises the boy dressed like a girl which impacts the boy’s behavior. 

The boy grows up to become our hero, played by Naga Shaurya and runs a self-defense training school for women. He loves an innocent girl Manasa played by the newcomer Kashmira Pardesi. A daring young woman Satya played by Yamini Bhaskar, the story turns into a love triangle. Due to certain circumstances, he has to stay in Satya's home and her father is played by Jaya Prakash. The love story turns crazier after JP’s son Ajay also falls in love with Naga Shaurya thinking he is gay.

How the gay love story between the hero and Ajay turns out and what happens to the two girls Manasa and Satya who are in love with the hero form the rest of the story. 

Below-par writing

Despite an interesting premise, the director came up with the regular confusion comedy. Except for the first few minutes, the movie is incoherent. The director Srinivasa Chakravarthy got cond=fused as to whether to deal the subject with comedic episodes or with situational comedy. Though his talent is evidenced by a few comedy scenes, it is a below part affair through and through. The screenplay is similar lacks punch. 

Naga Shaurya shines

Naga Shaurya is good enough in the role but is irritating in few scenes. He could have put up a bit more effort in the comedy scenes. His screen presence is good though. The scenes between him and Ajay should have been handled with a bit more seriousness. Certain scenes in the movie are cringe-worthy. 

There is nothing to write about the heroines. The appear average on the screen and did what was told by the director. Unfortunately, while a lot was expected of Sivaji Raja, his character was undermined by below-par writing and he also went overboard a few times which make the audience search for the exit doors. Rest of the other actors have nothing to do except participate in the scenes.

Good music

The music by Mahathi Swara Sagar is good. Egirene Manasu and Dekhore Sodara are good. Ila Neetho also gets a good response. The background score is above average. The cinematography by Vijay C. Kumar is good. But the visuals are not crisp. Sometimes they appear like in a television serial. The production values are good in parts. There is nothing to write about the editing. 


On a whole, Narthanasala remains as a good idea gone wrong case. Despite competent performance by the lead actors and good songs, the movie falls short of the expectations. Average first half, not-properly-handled twist and below-par writing make it a similar view experience. Only you have no other options, and badly in need of killing some time, you can give it a try. Otherwise, it is wise to avoid this film. 

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Narthanasala Live Updates & Public Talk

Young hero Naga Shaurya's Narthanasala created interest among the audience with its hilarious trailer and a promise of a laugh riot. And the recent track record of Naga Shaurya, that the movie is produced by his own production house, IRA Productions made the audience give attention to the film. Yamini Bhaskar and Kashmira played the female leads and senior comedy actor Sivaji Raja played the role of hero's father.

A small storm in the teacup in the form of hijras protesting against the movie because of the perceived insult to them by the characterization of the hero. But anyway, Narthanasala hit the screens today and the early shows completed and the morning shows are already underway. The talk for the movie is mixed with some praising the comedy act and others saying the story is routine. Poor comedy, weak story, and direction make Narthanasala an ordinary film. 

Some of the early watchers went as far as saying Narthanasala offers nothing. But Naga Shaurya's performance is said to be good. There is nothing much to say about the movie except for a few comedy scenes here and there. Forced comedy and overaction is said to be the undoing of the film. The first half is said to be below average and the rest of the movie is pathetic. 

Watch this space for more At Narthanasala public talk and live updates. 

Narthanasala Preview

What is Narthanasala about?

Narthanasala! To be exact, it is @Narthanasala. Naga Shaurya is one of the few young heroes to scored hits consistently. After tasting the biggest hit of his career with Chalo this year. Now, to repeat the same magic, he's coming up with Narthanasala. It is his home production and he is confident that his gayest of works will attain the audience approval. 

The story of Narthanasala revolves around a youngster who was brought up surrounded by many women and develops woman-like tendencies. He cannot be turned on by any of the girls. His father wants him to get married, unfortunately, his gay-like behavior comes in the way. The sorrow of the father and how the youngster gets married form the rest of the story. In the meanwhile, he is loved by two girls. 

What to expect from Narthanasala?

Paisa vasool comedy

The makers of the movie promise a laugh ride with Narthanasala. The basic premise of the movie is comedic and is amusing with Naga Shaurya's behavior in the character. Indeed, the title of the film is a reference to Brihannala who teaches to Uttara, the daughter of King Virata, in the Narthanasala... the famous dance-learning hall. By referencing to Brihannala and the famous Narthanasala, the makers are hinting that, it is not a physical problem for the hero but a psychological blockage because of the surroundings he grew up since childhood. 

All in all, coming up with such a story is a bit of a risk. But, if the movie pulls it off properly, Narthanasala will become a memorable film for hero Naga Shaurya. 

Naga Shaurya and Sivaji Raja

Naga Shaurya is a quick learner. He had acted in films with different stories, including out and out comedies. He has good comic timing and his body language in the teaser of Narthanasala is funny. With a hero who can pull off comedy sequences very well, Naga Shaurya's presence in Narthanasala promises a lot. 

Sivaji Raja's character as hero's father is said to be another highlight of Narthanasala. Sivaji Raja was the original Amrutham in the highly successful comedy serial. As a comedy actor, Sivaji Raja always excelled in the roles that were offered to him. The combination scenes of Sivaji Raja and Naga Shaurya are enough of a pull for the audience towards the theatres this weekend. 

Production values

Narthanasala is a home production for Naga Shaurya. It is produced by Usha Mulpuri on IRA Productions banner. From what is evidenced by the trailer, the makers didn't compromise with the making of the movie. The visuals are crisp. The music is also good and the trailer trended when it was released with a considerable number of hits. So, we can expect Natrthanasala to be the movie to watch this weekend. A fun-filled entertainer. 

Watch this space for Narthanasala review, rating, and complete analysis. Be right back!