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U/A Drama Nov 24, 2017





Napoleon Review & Rating


'Napoleon' is carrying a decent buzz as it is directed by Aanand Ravi who helmed one of the best social dramas of Tollywood, 'Prathinidhi' which was a huge success. The film released today with a decent buzz around it. The film is about Napoleon (played by Aanand Ravi) who complaints to the police that his shadow is missing. After a few days, he says that one of the accidents that took place in the city was, in fact, a murder and he came to know this only after God came into his dreams and said about the incident. What happens next and how the police solve the case and what Napoleon is up to forms the crux of the story.

Rating 3 from  indiaglitz

The first half descends into a trickiness show in terms of Napoleon's mind-blowing conversations ...

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Aanand Ravi who makes his debut as an actor with this film does a decent job and gives a confident performance. As the role he plays is written well, he just had to underperform few times which he does well and impresses. The major attraction of the film is Ravi Varma's performance as a tough cop who deals with a one of its kind murder case. He looks convincing and deserves more good roles. Komali is okay in her role and nothing much to do.

Rating 2.75 from  123telugu

On the whole, Napoleon is a crime thriller which has some interesting moments here and there. The...

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The story and screenplay of the film written by Aanand Ravi are the major highlights of the film but he should've taken a little extra care during the pre-climax. Production values are decent enough so is the music. Editing is the main culprit in this dragged thriller and it needs to be trimmed by at least 10 minutes to make an engaging watch. Dialogues are good and few twists have been executed well. Coming to direction, Aanand Ravi he does a decent job but he could've done a better job especially during the second half of the film.

Rating 3.25 from  iqlikmovies

An interesting line well-executed. All the plots are well-placed. Twists work well. But, the narr...

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Verdict: Decent crime thriller with enough twists and turns.

Napoleon Critic Reviews

Napoleon User Reviews

  • Satya

    24 Nov 17 @ 6:00 PM

    'Napoleon' is one movie which impressed me a lot with the intriguing trailer and I was blown away by the concept teasers and trailers had. Though I am not a fan of Aanand Ravi's Prathinidhi, I liked it for few meaningful dialogues. Coming to Napoleon, the first half of the film is really nice. Though director takes time to set the things up, he ends the first half on a promising note and makes us wait eagerly for the second half. But in the second half, just after 10 minutes he loses the grip on the script and adds unnecessary scenes and creates a ghost drama which irritates and ends the film on a bad note. 

    If the film was as good as the first half the movie would've been on the list of best movies of 2017 but sadly that is not the case. Aanand Ravi is just okay as a director and does a decent job as a director. If you are okay with the slow and dragged second half, you can watch it.

  • S

    24 Nov 17 @ 4:52 PM

    Nepolean which created a decent buzz in the audience with the interesting teasers and trailers. The Concept 'Shadow is missing'  which created a huge expectation for the movie. The movie got released today and was good with some interesting elements in the first half, with the high expectations created in the first half audience get disappointed with the second half which lacked the interesting elements. Director Anand Ravi who played the lead did a good job. Production values are good in the low budget. Background score was the major plus for the film. Final verdict average film for the weekend

  • Aruna

    24 Nov 17 @ 8:09 PM

    Napoleon is good movie. But audience should have a little patience as the second half of the film face some slow narration. Concept of the film is new and good. Anand ravi earlier made a good film 'prathinidhi' which is also a new concept. now he came with one more public issue. sidharth music is good. visuals are ok and neat. all the best guys.

Napoleon Live Updates & Public Talk

'Napoleon' starring Aanand Ravi has hit the screens today and the audience who watched the film are expressing the views on social media. The movie got decent to mixed response from the audience. Take a look!

Stay tuned for more Public Talk and Live Updates of Napoleon.

Napoleon Preview

What is it about?

'Napoleon' is a mystery thriller starring Aanand Ravi and Komali in the lead roles. After directing the successful 'Prathinidi', Aanand is making his debut as an actor with this film which has an interesting concept. The film is about 'Napoleon' aka Ashok Kumar who lost his shadow and is in search of it. The trailer has received great response from the audience and movie lovers.

What to expect?

  • Interesting Story and Screenplay

As said earlier, the film has an interesting concept and we can expect more interesting stuff in the film. Aanand Ravi has come up with an interesting story in Prathinidhi as well 'Napoleon' also looks similar in terms of concept. As the film has an interesting concept a gripping screenplay with enough twists and turns is also expected.

  • Good Dialogues

Aanand Ravi has proved his worth as a writer with 'Prathindihi' and with Napoleon as well we can expect good dialogues. The trailer itself has 2-3 interesting and meaningful dialogues and from a writer like Aanand Ravi, we can expect few more in the film.

  • Message Oriented Flick

At the end of the trailer, there is a dialogue which hints that the film is about the social responsibility of middle-class people. Prathinidhi also had a strong message and 'Napoleon' looks no different as it deals with the problems of middle-class people.