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Nakshatram Review

U/A Action, Drama 2 hrs 40 mins Aug 4, 2017





Nakshatram Review & Rating


Krishna Vamsi chose a police drama that revolves around a boy, Rama Rao (Sundeep Kishan) coming from a family of policemen and whose aim is to become a sincere SI. Things go out of control once he comes across a drug addict Rahul (Tanish) and his dreams gets shattered. Rama Rao then operates in the uniform of Alexander (Sai Dharam Tej) to bring harmony in the society. Who is Alexander and what happens to Rama Rao amidst this tussle forms the rest story. Though the story looks novel, it was handled in a bad manner and it goes haywire after a point. 

Rating 2 from  gulte

Nakshatram is on a whole new level in terms of loudness. It is louder even for Krishna Vamsi's st...

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Everyone expects that when Krishna Vamsi picks up a patriotic police subject, he is bound to give us some goosebumps moments in the movie. But, contrast to that, he failed to impress with this half baked story. He tried to incorporate too many elements in the movie and faltered in holding the essence of the movie. With a first half that barely takes the story forward and a slow paced second half, looks like audience will have to walk out of the halls disappointed.

Rating 2 from  chitramala

The director tried to incorporate too many elements like Crime, Love, Patriotism and other things...

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On the flip side, Krishna Vamsi's 'Nakshatram' also has a few things that worked in favour of the movie. Sai Dharam Tej's impressive cameo, Sundeep Kishan as Rama Rao have impressed with their performances. Even Pragya Jaiswal and Regina Cassendra lured the audience with their glamour. However, the lackluster screenplay and weak story overlaps all these things making the movie just bareable. 

Rating - from  thetelugufilmnagar

Nakshatram has shades of Krishna Vamsi’s previous films Khadgam and Rakhi. Vamsi s...

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Final Verdict: Krishna Vamsi's 'Nakshatram' is too loud and senseless at many places. Except for the skin show, the movie has nothing novel to offer. Watch it at your risk.

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Nakshatram Live Updates & Public Talk

Creative director Krishna Vamsi is coming with an intense cop drama. Starring Sundeep Kishan, Sai Dharam Tej, Pragya Jaiswal and Regina in the lead roles, the movie has generated decent buzz among movie goers. Let's check the public response to Nakshatram here:


With some mixed to negative reviews, here we have the public response to Nakshatram at the theatres in and around Hyderabad.

Nakshatram Preview

A Quick Look at What Is It About

Krishna Vamsi’s directorial ‘Nakshatram’ is all about the police force. But unlike formulaic cop dramas, we have been seeing over the years, the creative filmmaker tries to explore the lives all different police officers in the department from an undercover cop to a sincere sub inspector. While Sundeep Kishan, Sai Dharam Tej, Pragya Jaiswal and Prakash Raj are seen as the police force, Regina Cassandra plays as an assistant choreographer who is in madly love with Sundeep Kishan in the film.

What Can Be Expected From The Movie? 

Well, there are several points to look forward to watch this film.

1.    Krishna Vamsi’s direction

First and foremost, it is Krishna Vamsi’s film. Although a few of his previous movies couldn’t do well, ‘Nakshatram’ seems to be his comeback movie. And it deals with the subject of ‘cops and country’, which is one of his favourite subjects. Most of his movies including ‘Sindhooram and Khadgam’ which touched up on the subject of police, were well liked by the audience.

2.    An ensemble cast 

Beginning from exceptionally talented actor Prakash Raj, who plays the police commissioner, to a bunch of energetic stars such as Sai, Pragya, Regina, Sundeep, and Tanish. Along with the lead cast, the film also sees veteran actors Brahmaji, JD Chakravarthy, Sivaji Raja, Tulasi and Raghu Babu. 

3.    Unusual characterizations 

As said before, the film is not a hero-centric masala cop story. Despite every character is somehow connected to police offers, all of them are massively different from each other. Sundeep Kishan plays an aspiring sincere sub-inspecter who comes from the middle background, whereas Sai Dharam Tej appears as a dedicated police officer coming from a well off family. Both of them are cops but with a different viewpoint. Another important character Tanish plays a rich kid who loves only power and money. When it comes to leading ladies Regina and Pragya, both of them are playing very different roles from their previous movies. Regina plays choreographer and Pragya, an undercover cop, which is a way different character from what she played in ‘Kanche’. 

4.     Intriguing music by three different music directors

Like any other Krishna Vamsi’s celluloid, ‘Nakshatram’ also has some beautiful tracks in the film. It has also boasts of arresting background score which is must for a serious police drama. Music of the film is scored by Bheems Ceciroleo, Bharath Madhusudhanan and Hari Gowra. 

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