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Aswathama Review

U/A Action, Drama Jan 31, 2020





Aswathama Review & Rating

Aswathama Review: Fairly Engaging Thriller With Raw Violence

The Premise

A youngster who works in the US comes to India to attend the wedding of his sister. Currently the engagement is going on. If this is a romantic comedy, we all know what happens next. As Aswathama is a thriller, we all guess there should be a twist here. And yes, it appears suddenly in the form of a shocking revelation. So, this film is going to be different. And we’re hooked.

Naga Shaurya had started his career in a good fashion with some quality hits. Despite facing a few setbacks later, he delivered very good films, at least in terms of concept. He has a mixed time for the last couple of years. A blockbuster as a solo hero in 2018 followed by a couple of duds and a fantastic hit in the form of Oh Baby. But it was a Samantha star vehicle.

Aswathama may not be a make or break film, but as he has taken the matters into his hands and written screenplay and produced it, the result of this film  will decide the level of risks he’s gonna take further down the line. Let’s see how he fared both as a screenwriter and actor with Aswathama review.

What happens?

Gana’s sister attempts suicide when she should actually be having the time of her life. It’s her engagement  and she’s the apple of the family. Her dream Prince is also a good prospect for her (interestingly, young actor Prince played the role). Within a few minutes we learn that she’s pregnant. No. Don’t think in terms of family sentiment. It’s a thriller. Everyone understands that she doesn’t know who was the reason for her pregnancy. And something is wrong. And Priya (the sister) is not to be blamed .

With no other alternative, as a new age youngster, Gana takes the matters into his hand and try to investigate the matter which leads to some more than shocking findings. Several girls in the city get kidnapped. A few days later they’re found but needs urgent medical attention. All their stories are more or less similar. Finding the pattern, our hero works in parallel to the police. If and how he finds the reason behind this forms the rest of the story.

The incidents

This review writer has come across a newspaper article about the suicide attempt of a 15 year old girl. The reason, the parents thought of was: she’s suffering from severe stomachache. A common reason blurted out in suicide cases initially. The police took the investigation seriously and the medical examination gave evidence that she’s a 6 months old pregnant. No. This case is not related to this film. But things like this are happening.

The girl’s is a love affair which led things to the logical conclusion of her getting pregnant. The boy rejected her pleas to marry her. The police inquired 6 boys who could have been the father of the child and found out the guy. Upon proper treatment, the guy accepted the fact. A DNA test and police style treatment were needed to bring out the truth. On the other hand, we have seen the horrific fate of Disha a few months back.

Writing and direction

Aswathama deals with everyday situation. And the ugly side of our society. As this is a film, there should be a villain. The villain is sadistic and commits unspeakable crimes on young women. Yes. There’s a reason behind his demonic nature. But he should be brought before justice.

Aswathama starts on a sedate note like a proper romantic comedy but takes plunge into the crisis relatively quicker. The narration doesn’t deviate from the point on hands and the screenplay is in a slower note in the first half. Thankfully the villain is revealed early in the second half and the audience is given a taste of his cruelty with a few gruesome scenes. The relentless pacing in the second half and the raw cruelty on display from the villain are too much for regular Tollywood audience. Also, the narration experiences a couple of pitfalls in the second half.

The writer/director failed to bring the first confrontation of the hero and villain rather too late which led to several filler scenes. Instead of a cat and mouse game, it has become a tedious watch what with a gory action. The climax comes all of a sudden and ends the same way. The emotional bonding between the hero and his sister is well established in the film which helps keep the audience attention till the end despite the flaws.


Naga Shaurya did a fantastic job as a lead man. Right from the body language to the screen presence, he aced the game. He’s manly in the action sequences. The dialogue delivery in emotional moments needs improvement. Otherwise, Gana is easily his best film in terms of performance. Mehreen Pirzada is neat in a limited role. The girl who played the hero’s sister is excellent.

But it is the acclaimed Bengali actor Jisshu Sengupta (played LV Prasad in NTR: Kathanayakudu ) who steals the show. The otherwise soft natured actor is cruelty personified. His sadistic acts on the screen are sure to send down creeps through our guts. The way he shows a wide range of emotions through his eyes is masterful. Other actors played their roles in a decent manner .

The crew

The music of this film is mediocre in terms of songs. They’re neither catchy nor they have memorable lyrics. But the background score is top notch . The sounds or rather the lack of complemented the intense narration of the film. The cinematography’s first rate. The editing is terrific in action sequences. The thrills are first class. The production values are very good.


Aswathama is a fairly engaging thriller with a need-of-the-hour story and an intense narration. Great performances and a decent number of thrills make this a one time watch. It has everything it takes to be a neat thriller but despite the family bonding (brother-sister sentiment ), it alienates the family audience. It’s also not for sensitive audience. Know what you get before you watch. If you can stomach the violence on display, Aswathama is a good watch.


Demonic villain role of Jisshu Sengupta

Naga Shaurya’s makeover and performance

A currently  relevant subject


Violence crossed the line (for Telugu audience)

Erratic second half (or a slow first half - depending on who you ask)

Pycker Rating: 2.75 out of 5

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