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Nagarkirtan Review

A Romance, Social 1 hrs 53 mins Feb 22, 2019





Nagarkirtan Review & Rating

Nagarkirtan review: a must-watch masterpiece

The premise

Kaushik Ganguly narrates a heart-wrenching love story of a trans woman and her lover in Nagarkirtan and how. The film is an account of burning pain and ignored emotions of the ignored one is the society. 

Parimal AKA Puti (Riddhi Sen) is a woman trapped in a man’s body. Being betrayed by his lover, she runs away from home and ends up with a group of eunuchs and starts singing at traffic signals. There Puti meets Madhu (Ritwick Chakraborty), a delivery boy and flute player in kirtans and fell for him. Puti dreams to go through a sex-changing surgery. Will her love story get a happy ending or the dismissal and ignorance from the society?

The cast

Kaushik Ganguly has once said, he couldn't imagine anyone else but Riddhi for the role of Punti. Riddhi Sen is definitely the apt choice for the role. He embraced the role with his body language and expressions. He basically breath into Punti with all her pathos, anger, and dejection. Ritwick Chakraborty too delivers a performance nothing less than perfect. His Madhu is in love with Punti but his confusion over Punti's physicality is evident. Ritwick hold his ground firmly so that Punti's story can unfold effortlessly.

The Direction

Kaushk Ganguly has churned out yet another masterpiece. This time, it narrates the stories of those who stay away from the mainstream. People, who endure the mockery and hatred every day, Ganguly has weaved a love saga around them. He skipped the melodrama and kept him real to give a slice of the small universe.

The crew

Cinematographer Shirsha Ray and editor Subhajit Singha deserve a special mention. Shirsha made every frame worth a watch while Singha's editing kept the film sleek and smart.


The film, heart-wrenching documentation of a eunuch and her love can melt the hearts of anyone. It is a beautiful film should be on your bucket list.


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Pycker Rank: 5/5

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Nagarkirtan Preview

What is Nagarirtan all about?

Kaushik Ganguly's most-awaited Nagarkirtan is a quintessential love saga between a eunuch and a flute player. Pariman AKA Puti is a woman by heart and soul but trapped in man's body, she is one of those whose desires have been tagged as taboo in the society. Puti falls for Madhu, a flute player. How their love blossoms in a society disapproving and disrespectful towards their emotion, is the film all about.

What to expect from Nagarkirtan?

Performance to remember 

Riddhi Sen has already bagged his first  National Award for the best actor for his performance as Puti, a transwoman in this film. No wonder, the audience will head to the theatre with sky-high expectation. Ritwick Chatterjee needs no introduction. Their performance is going to be the main attraction of the film.

A heartwarming story

The trailer has given a hint of a soulful love story. Emotions and relationship of two people in love which doesn't go down well with society and its norms is the center of the plot. The audience will be eager to see another amazing story from Kaushik Ganguly.


The audience is expecting yet another masterpiece from Kaushik Ganguly. Ganguly's film has won four national awards. Also, the film fraternity who has already watched the film has been all praise for it. Naturally, the audience will be lining up to see one of the finest films of the era.

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