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A Romance, Social Feb 22, 2019
Release Date

Feb 22, 2019

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Nagarkirtan Poster

Nagar Kirtan, directed by Kaushik Ganguly is going to tell a tale of an LGBT couple. Their love, relationship, and struggle set the crux of the story. The film revolves around a transwoman Puti AKA Parimal, a woman in heart stuck in the body of a man. Puti fell for Madhu, a flute player and the story follows their love saga that is burdened with social dogmas, taboos, and ignorance. Puti wants to turn into a woman and Madhu becomes her only confidant in her journey. Nagar Kirtan is about the struggle of the people who live bearing the hatred, wrath, and ignorance of the society. Actor Ritwick Chakraborty play Madhu while Riddhi Sen essays the role of Puti in this venture.

Nagarkirtan has bagged four National Award including the National Award for the best actor (Riddhi Sen). The film has garnered rve reviews from the film fraternity even before its public release. 

Nagarkirtan Cast & Crew

  • Ritwick Chakraborty


  • Riddhi Sen


  • Sujan Mukherjee


  • Gautam Basu

    Art Director

  • Prabuddha Banerjee

    Music Director

  • Kaushik Ganguly


  • Surindar Films

    Production House

  • Sirsha Ray


  • Subhajit Singha