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Naam Review & Rating

Naam, directed by debutant Joshy Thomas Pallickal, is one of the releases cinephiles have placed expectations on. Starring Rahul Madhav, Aditi Ravi, Mareena Michael, Arjun Ashokan, Gayatri Suresh and a bevy of other young, up and coming actors in the lead role, the movie is the latest in the genre of campus entertainers. Backing the lead actors are Renji Panicker, Thampy Antony, and Noby Marcose among others. Read Naam review below to find out what the film is about.

Naam, unlike most campus flicks, weaves its story around friendship. In fact, it wouldn't be an exaggeration at all to say the central protagonist of the film is friendship. The movie revolves around a gang of college friends who share a great rapport with each other. The first part of Naam progresses through the moments from their boisterous campus life, fun, and camaraderie. Soon one of them is faced off by a sudden and unexpected adversity. The rest of the gang sets out to rebuild his life for him. How they make their mission successful form the crux of this lively campus entertainer which is a toast to true and selfless friendship. 

Gayatri Suresh, Mareena Michael, and Aditi Ravi who star as the female leads of Naam has come up with lively and graceful performances while the rest of the actors who appeared in the lead roles including Sabhareesh Varma, Noby, Rahul Madhav, and Ajay Mathew deliver fine performances. Renji Panicker, Pradeep Kottayam, Ponnamma Babu, and Ullas Panthalam have also done their parts well and effortlessly add to the humor part of the film. Tovino Thomas, Vineeth Sreenivasan, and Gautham Menon who appears in guest roles as themselves at various junctures of the film is a true treat to the audience.

Joshy Thomas Pallickal, who has written, directed and produced Naam, marks his entry to the filmdom with a sincere and engaging film sans any serious negligence. Sure Naam has its share of flaws. But with a wholehearted story which progresses in a seemingly earnest course, the director has put together this tale of friendship in a way that one wouldn't take its shortcomings very seriously. It is, in part, a relief that Naam dares to sketch friendship in a very different light from how campus friendship have been portrayed in most of the recent releases.

The music department of the film has done a marvelous job. The songs by Sandeep Mohan mostly fit into the flow of the story and is a treat to the ears. Sudheer Surendran's and Karthick Nallamuthu's frames are also equally appealing while Anthony Nikil and Unnikrishnan Payoor Parameswaran have done a good job at the editing table. In short, Naam is a watchable musical comedy entertainer which could have been better with a more solid script.

Final Word: Naam is a toast to selfless friendship. An enjoyable watch for anyone who loves genuine stories.

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Naam Preview

What Is Naam About?

Naam, directed by Joshy Thomas Pallickal, is latest in the category of Malayalam campus entertainers. Starring a horde of young actors including  Sabareesh Varma, Rahul Madhav, Aditi Ravi, Tony Luke, Noby Markose, Niranj Suresh, Sonu Sebastian, Ajay Mathew and Mareena Michael in the lead roles, the movie is a tale of friendship set in the backdrop of an Engineering college. Around 140 newcomers are also said to be part of the movie’s supporting cast. The director himself has scripted and produced Naam.

What To Expect From Naam?

A Fun Campus Entertainer 

All campus entertainers are to be supposed to be fun. But some of the recent flicks which came under the genre were disappointing with their cliche-ridden plot and over-the-top humor. However, Joshy Thomas Pallickal's debut movie Naam comes across as a promising one. From the looks of the trailer and other videos, the movie seems to have a fresh element to it and is likely to strike the chord with the audience, especially, the youngsters.

A Feel-Good Tale About Friendship

Unlike most of the campus movie which has either romance, politics or some element of suspense central to the plot, Naam is about friendship alone. Perhaps the last campus movie that celebrated friendship above all is Lal Jose's classmates. It would indeed be a treat for the audience of all kind if Naam, as the makers claim, turns out to be a tale of friendship. 

Some Stunning Cameo Appearance 

Naam doesn't have a star-studded cast to boast about. The lead roles of the movie are played by some of the up and coming actors like Mareena Michael and Rahul Madhav. However, the makers have brought in Tovino Thomas, Vineeth Sreenivasan, and Gautham Menon in cameo roles. Presumably, all three of gems will be appearing as themselves on the big screen. This is the first time Gautham Menon is appearing in a Malayalam film.

A Musical Treat

Naam is also tagged to be musical. The film has around 10 songs composed and arranged by Ashwin Sivadas and Sandeep Mohan. Actor Shabareesh Varma and popular lyricist Mohan Raja have penned the lines for the songs. Two songs from the movie which is already out have got a good response from part of the music buffs. Watch out for the rest of the musical treat.

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