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Naachiyaar Review

U/A Action, Drama 1 hrs 40 mins Feb 16, 2018





Naachiyaar Review & Rating


Naachiyaar directed by Bala is out in the theatres today. The movie which is touted to be a psycho crime thriller stars Jyothika and GV Prakash in the lead roles. Naachiyaar also features Ivana and Producer Rockline Venkatesh in pivotal roles. Naachiyaar is said to be director Bala's first of its kind movie. Naachiyaar is expected to have the ingredients to make it a winner at the box office. Let’s check and analyze some Naachiyaar reviews from various critics below:

Rating 3.5 from  onlykollywood

Go see it for it gives us an important message which is the need of the hour.

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Bala's Nachiyaar has every feature and factor working in it. Jyothika and GV Prakash shifts their characters' tone and shade in apt space. The actors have given their best in the career. GV Prakash turned out to be the surprise factor of the movie proving his talent and calibre to the fullest. Naachiyaar is touted to be a psycho thriller drama with human values packed in it nicely.

Rating 3 from  fansexpress

Bala has handled his subject, a hard-and-fast approach. Jothika & GVP has tried to give his b...

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The movie travels through the psychology of Jyothika's character Naachiyaar. The police officer performed by Jyothika tries to cover a crime. Naachiyaar paces through the plot with Jyothika and GV Prakash. GV Prakash has given the best performance of his career playing the role of a fruit seller and a criminal whereas Jyothika has registered her come back with a strong character.

Rating 3 from  allindiaroundup

The film tells the tale of the police working to uncover the truth after a young man is accused o...

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Nachiyaar is tuned with thrilling background score by the music legend Ilayaraja. The music has taken the scenes crafted by director Bala into another level. The movie features just one song but it has its tunes sketched throughout this crime thriller. Naachiyaar strikes to be fast-paced crime thriller drama that has a message delivered without losing the essence of a thriller movie. Eshwar, the man behind the frames had done an excellent job in composing the shot is in perfect synchronisation with editor Sathish Surya's cuts and it is evident throughout the movie. This perfect combo has proved that Bala's decision to have the movie with short runtime is correct.

Rating 3 from  behindwoods

On the whole, with strong characterization, gripping screenplay, and top-notch performances, Naac...

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The movie has a soft shade with a little romance and humour which is a usual ingredient in Bala's movie. Then the movie takes off with no lagging. The narration is straightforward and engaging.

Final Verdict:  Naachiyaar directed by Bala will keep you engaged with amazing performances of the actors and the storyline. Expect for Bala's magic and you won't be disappointed.

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Naachiyaar Live Updates & Public Talk

The ace director Bala's Naachiyaar is out in the theatres today. The movie which is touted to be a psycho crime thriller stars Jyothika and GV Prakash in the lead roles. Bala's first of its kind movie Naachiyaar reviews are pouring in and let’s find out how people are reacting to it.

Bala's Naachiyaar is wowing with good reviews all over. The director has given a different genre of the movie after a while and the audience is seen getting the right emotion that the director has intended. Bala is projecting Naachiyaar with a run time of 100 minutes and this would be the shortest movie of the director till date. Nachiyaar is a positive film from that starts off with some comic sequences beautifully delivered by GV Prakash. 


Naachiyaar is a movie packed with frisk twists and turns with awesome performances by both the actors. Jyothika the lead is doing a serious cop role for the first time and she has delivered it brilliantly. Music director turned actor GV Prakash is getting positive response and appreciation for his performance in the movie. The change over that these two actors have shown is remarkable. GV Prakash is full of surprises in Naachiyaar. He has performed brilliantly in both humour and emotional scenes.

Nachiyaar revolves around a simple yet strong plot. The background is set in a slum and the movie portrays the story of a Policewoman, a boy and a crime. Bala's combination with Ilyaraja has done the magic again. The background scores of the movie by Ilayaraja the legend is the main strength and an added feature that made the screenplay vibrant and appealing.

The movie is packed with technical brilliance and awesome performance. The characters portrayed by Producer Rockline Venkatesh and Ivana is commendable. Ivana the new face introduced by Bala has done a decent job in showcasing her character. Though the romance portions of the movie gave a dull shade her combination with G V Prakash in emotional and humour scenes were good. 


 Naachiyaar is out with positive responses. Director Bala's craft is a package of emotions and thriller sequences performed by all the actors perfectly. Naachiyaar with technical brilliance is worth watching as it is not just a thriller but a movie packed with human values giving an important message which is needed for the hour.

Naachiyaar Preview

What is Naachiaar about?

Nachiaar, directed by Bala features Jyothika and G V Prakash in the lead role. Popular Producer Rockline Venkatesh also plays a vital role in the movie. Naachiaar will tout be a crime thriller with loads of emotions packed in it. Jyothika is featured in the role of a Police Officer. Naachiyaar, the crime thriller that sets its storyline in the backdrop of a slum will portray the story of the life of a psycho killer. The story is a real-life incident which is recreated by Bala. Bala does the script and production for the movie. The movie produced by Bala will release under the Banner B Studios.


What to expect from Naachiaar?

Nachiaar has all the ingredients to become a winner at the box-office. The film is riding high on expectations. Let’s find out what reasons make this crime thriller a must see in theatres this weekend.

The ace director Bala

The movie's first and foremost attraction is the director himself. Known for capturing reality in its bizarre and raw form, director Bala will have everything in Naachiaar that will make the audience awestruck. The director is a master at capturing rural life and adapting it his stories. This brilliance can be seen in all his movies. So, Naachiaar with a female lead role will have a lot to explain in the movie. Naachiaar will be the shortest film the director has ever made till date. The movie will be featured with a run time of approximately 100 minutes and this is first of its kind by Bala.

Bala-Ilayaraja combo to doing the magic

Isaignani Ilayaraja who is the king of blending folk into film song is for sure taking Baala's Naachiaar to another level. Every time they meet, this combo never failed to create magic. Ilayaraja's music will create its own space in this crime thriller movie and will take the plot to a different dimension with him scoring the background music. The audience can expect songs like the most popular hit Ilam Kaatru Veesuthe from Pithamagan.


Comeback of Jyothika.

Though the actress has already made her come back a year ago, Bala's Naachiaar will be her real break. The trailers and sneak peek featuring Jyothika in the Police attire with a lot of attitudes will make the audience feel like their favourite actress is making a real deal. With Naachiaar, Bala is featuring Jyothika in the title lead role for the first time. Bala has been very successful in bringing out the calibre of his actors to the fullest and it is for sure that Jyothika will be seen in the most powerful and the best character she had done ever in her career.

G V Prakash 

The music director turned actor is doing a serious movie finally. G V Prakash one of the popular music directors who had his acting career going with the repeated storylines and adult humour finally gets an opportunity to act in a serious Tamil movie. GV Prakash in Naachiaar is seen with a different attire and look. This Change over of the actor is the other reason for the rise in expectation level. 

High production and technical values

With Bala doing the role of director and writer, Naachiaar's aesthetic and technical aspects are bound to be world class. With the best technicians in the industry, the audiences can expect a visual treat with a depiction of life in its raw form.