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Naa Nuvve Review

U Drama, Rom-Com 2 hrs 4 mins Jun 14, 2018





Naa Nuvve Review & Rating


Silly imagination

Imagine today you are late to the office and got a promotion or a big salary hike. Do you think you get promotion or hike because you are late today to the office? Or is it because of your year-long hard and smart work that fetched you the bonus? Do you go to the office late every day because on one such day you got great success? 

Pre-written destiny

The movie Naa Nuvve is all about the pre-written destiny and lucky charms. Without much further ado, let's get away with the story. Though the movie starts in a railway station like some other love stories. The heroine enters the scene and narrates to us her love story like the protagonists do in love stories. Let's see if this love story remains in our hearts with Naa Nuvve review. 

Meera played by Tamannaah finds a book titled Love Signs in a railway station. Why things like this always happen in railway stations is anybody's guess. She had been attacking her law examinations for the last four years but was unsuccessful. Because of the lucky charm of the book forgotten by the hero, she clears the examinations. Then she thinks the book is the lucky charm and the owner of the book must be her life partner. 

Though she clears law, she turns out to be an RJ. She searches for the hero as her side business. Luckily she meets him and expresses her love saying that it is destiny that made them meet. But our hero Varun played by Kalyan Ram doesn't believe in such hocus-pocus. He believes that he is his own destiny maker. He challenges the heroine to disprove her notion. How and in what way Meera gets her love of life forms the crux of the story. 

The actors

Kalyan Ram should be commended for his guts to act in a heroine-centric love story. The story belongs to Meera, and in turn to Tamannaah. She is beautiful is an understatement. She can act well and did what was required of her. Kalyan Ram changed his looks and appeared like a proper romantic hero. A change of wind for him. 

As the story of the movie belongs to the lead actors, and especially to Tamannaah, other actors have not got enough screen time. Among them, Vennela Kishore scores few good marks for his comedy in the first half. Priyadarshi again steals the show within the few minutes of his screen time. rest did what they are told to by the director.

Failure direction

Jayendra is an ad filmmaker and knows the language of the camera. The framing and shot making in the movie are top notch. But what failed the movie is his inability to conjure up a novel storyline, and failure to come up with an interesting narration. The less we talk about the screenplay, the better. 

Music by Sharreth is a big hit already and the songs are superb. Naa Nuvve album is one of the best we have got in recent times. Background score is good. What more can we say about P. C. Sreeram that is not already said? His cinematography is the backbone of this movie. Editing by Sathish Surya is pretty average. Production values are grand and the movie is a visual feast.


On a whole, Naa Nuvve depended too much on luck and destiny for its own good. Except for top noth cinematography and Priyadarshi scenes, the movie has nothing to show. Kalyan Ram's new look and tamannaah's beauty added value to an otherwise silly execution. You can skip it.

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Naa Nuvve Live Updates & Public Talk

Naa Nuvve has Tamannaah and Kalyan Ram teaming up for the first time and it managed to grab the attention of movie lovers because of their crazy combination. The film which is touted to be a breezy romantic entertainer has hit the screens today after being postponed multiple times. Naa Nuvve has received mixed reports from the USA premieres and despite having a run-time of just 2 hours the film is said to be boring. The chemistry of Tamannaah and Kalyan Ram is being termed as forced and artificial. Check out the Public Talk of Naa Nuvve below.

As far the story is concerned, it is said to be weaved around the concept of destiny but Jayendra seems to have failed in execution. Even PC Sreeram's visuals couldn't save the film say audience and his work is said to be wasted in a poor story. Tamanna is said to have impressed the audience with her glamorous avatar and decent performance. Kalyan Ram's new look is said to be OK and he did a decent job according to the Tweet reviews of Naa Nuvve. Check out more tweets on Naa Nuvve below.

Naa Nuvve seems to have not attracted any of the audience. By the time the matinees are completed, this movie is said to be a disaster. But whatever the talk of the movie the lead pair and cinematography of P. C. Sreeram is receiving praise from the audience. Still, the movie in whatever way impresses the audience. 

Mostly direction and the screenplay are said to be the major negative points of the movie. Nevertheless, the cinematography by P. C. Sreeram received a unanimous positive response. It is said to be the major plus point of the movie. 

Stay tuned for more Live Updates, and Public Talk of Naa Nuvve.

Naa Nuvve Preview

What is Naa Nuvve about?

A great romance story. A story about true love and the search for it. Naa Nuvve sees Kalyan Ram in a romantic role for the first time. Also, Tamannaah joins the movie as the female lead. This movie is their first combination. Naa Nuvve is produced by Kiran Muppavarapu and Vijay Kumar Vattikuti under Cool Breeze Cinemas banner while Mahesh S Koneru is presenting the film on East Coast Productions banner. Jayendra Panchapakesan wields the megaphone for this film. 

In Naa Nuvve we find Meera, a happy go lucky RJ falling in love with a man of her dreams. He is very confident and is at the opposite spectrum of Meera. How far will they go to test their love is the basic point of the movie. Meera loves Varun, but he doesn't reciprocate her feelings. She asks him to trust her love but he has his reservations. That doesn't mean he is unable to trust her. 

What to expect from Naa Nuvve?

The lead pair

It is the lead pair that is of foremost importance. If their chemistry works out well, that plays fifty percent part in making the movie's success. Naa Nuvve has Kalyan Ram and Tamannaah as the hero and heroine. From what we have seen from the trailers, their chemistry worked out big time. 

Tamannah is not just a beautiful actress. She has proven many times of what she is capable of in terms of acting prowess. She plays a big part in naa Nuvve and her character is author backed. Meera is going to be one of the biggest roles played by Tamannaah. 

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram is a proven actor when it comes to action and mass roles. With his manly rugged looks and competent dialogue delivery, he scored well with the fans. This is the first time that he is playing a lover boy role. That too, the role is pursued by a beautiful carefree girl. As far as we have known from the promos of the movie, he nailed not only the looks but also with his performance. 

A truly romantic movie

Every Telugu movie has a love story at its heart. The heroine and hero always fall for each other, and their love story forms at least a little bit of the narration time. But pure romances are far and in between. In recent times movies like Fidaa and Tholi Prema filled the gap in the genre. When properly made, romance movies work out as well as mass movies. Naa Nuvve promises to be one such movie. 

Jayendra direction

Jayendra Panchapakesan made himself a known name with several ad films. He directed significant films like Margazhi Raagam and 180. They are known for their clean frames and class storylines. His handling of romance in movies is second to none. When he is coming up with a movie like Naa Nuvve, it surely promises to be a must watch. 

P. C. Sreeram cinematography

There is no need to introduce P. C. Sreeram, the well-known cinematographer. His classical style and beautiful exploration of lights and shadows create a great atmosphere for a film. He is known for delivering visual feasts. From what we have seen in the trailers, it is expected to be one.

Watch this space for Naa Nuvve review, rating, and complete analysis. Be right back!