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My Story Review & Rating


Starring Prithviraj and Parvathy in the lead role, My story is touted to be an intense love story which narrates the chronicle of a lost love. The movie scripted by actor-writer Shanker Ramakrishnan, marks the directorial debut of popular costume designer Roshni Dinaker. Manoj K Jayan, Maniyanpilla Raju, Nandhu and Ganesh Venkatraman are also part of the film's cast. Read My Story Review below.

Jay, an aspiring actor, falls in love with his first heroine Thara who is an established actress and a sensation.  Thara, however, is about to marry a man she does not love and is hopeless about life. Two embark on an adventure together and what happens form the rest of the story. 

My Story, like Ennu Ninte Moideen, is graced by the commendable chemistry of Prithviraj-Parvathy duo who handle the roles of Jay and Thara. But unlike Ennu Ninte Moideen, this film by Roshni Dinaker do not provide the actors any scope for performance. And for the worse, it spoils whatever Prithviraj and Parvathy have managed with melodramatic dialogues, cheesy moments and a loosely written script. 

The movie manages to present a watchable first half. However, the second half altogether takes away the one's interest and halfway through the second half, if one has still not left the theatres, one can easily guess the proceedings to come and the climax. Roshni Dinaker, despite her ambitious approach, fails to strike the chords with My Story.

The only saving grace of the film is the music by Shaan Rahman and the quaint frames captured by Dudley and Vinod Perumal. Parvathy and Prithviraj cannot save this film and their best efforts are wasted for nothing.

Final Verdict: A passable one time watch!

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My Story Live Updates & Public Talk

Roshni Dinaker's debut movie My Story is finally hitting theatres today after much controversies and a couple of postponement. The film which has Parvathy and Prithviraj starring in the lead roles is touted to be an intense love story set against the scenic beauty of Portugal. Cinephiles have placed high expectation on the film as names such as Parvathy, Prithviraj, Manoj K Jayan and Shanker Ramakrishnan who seldom let down the audience are associated with it. Let us look at the initial reaction from the cinemas here.

Looks the movie which hit the theatres with so much hype and hoopla hasn't really lived up to it. The initial reaction from the audience is mostly negative and is disappointed with the performances of the lead actors Prithviraj and Parvathy who are regarded as two of the top actors in the industry. However, Shaan Rahman songs and cinematography by Dudley and Vinod Perumal seem to have a struck a chord with the viewers.

Apparently, going by the audience reaction, My Story has failed to impress the viewers. The film, without a solid script or moving story, falls apart totally. The only saving grace is the beautiful frames and Shaan Rahman's soulful melodies. 

My Story Preview

What Is My Story About?

Starring Prithviraj and Parvathy, My Story is the romantic tale of Jay and Thara. Jay, a debutant actor, falls in love with his co-actress Thara who is an established diva. Thara, however, is set to marry a big business shot who is the producer of the film. Jay goes on to become an established actor and two decades later, sets out in search of Thara, his true love. Written by actor-writer Shanker Ramakrishnan, My Story is directed and produced by popular costume designer Roshni Dinaker. Manoj K Jayan and Maniyanpilla Raju also appear in the pivotal roles of this film.

What To Expect From My Story?

The Comeback Of Ennu Ninte Moideen Duo

Prithviraj and Parvathy are two of the finest actors in the industry and their talents need no testimony. The two first teamed up for the 2015 blockbuster romance drama Ennu Ninte Moideen which was graced by their commendable chemistry. My Story marks their second outing and the cinephiles are quite sure it would be a treat to watch them share the screen space once again. Wait for it.

Entry of Another Woman Filmmaker 

Roshni Dinaker who is one of the popular South Indian costume designers is making her directorial debut with My story. It is indeed great to have another woman take up director's hat in an industry like Mollywood where women filmmakers can be counted in one hand. The recent interviews of her suggest that Roshni has always been keen on direction and her first venture which is also produced by herself evinces a considerable amount of ambition and promise. 

A Visual Treat 

My Story has been completely shot in Portugal and supposedly has its mighty mountains, meandering rivers, white shores and the alluring streets as the backdrop. The cinematography of the film is handled by Dudley of the Chennai Express and Vinod Perumal the Singham fame and of Badmashiyaan fame, who are indeed two ace cinematographers. The film is also said to have technicians from Portugal and by the looks of it it, My Story, would be nothing less than a visual treat.

Manoj K Jayan And Maniyanpilla Raju

Apart from Parvathy and Prithviraj, the known faces in the My Story are Manoj K Jayan and Maiyanpilla Raju. Although their roles haven't been revealed yet, it is assumed that both will be donning characters of considerable relevance in the plot of the film. Roshni has indeed picked the best of talents and let us hope to see these veteran actors, especially Manoj K Jayan, pulling off an excellent act after short gap alongside Prithviraj and Parvathy duo.

Stay tuned for My Story review, public talk, and other updates.