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Drama Dec 24, 2020





Murder Review & Rating

Murder Movie Review: The Story Of The Other Side Of The Coin

The viral video 

A young couple was coming out of a hospital after a regular checkup for the girl as she's 5 months old pregnant. The atmosphere was cosy and there's nothing in the air to suggest what was about to happen in the next couple of minutes. The girl might be thinking about the baby and the boy might be thinking about how to keep the girl happy and help her deliver their child in the healthiest manner possible.

Suddenly, without anyone noticing, a man follows them and within a few seconds hacks the boy with a machete. The girl paralysed in the mind by the gruesome act, runs away. And then faints for a few minutes. But the cruel hacker didn't have much time. He hits the boy with the weapon another time in just another couple of seconds and leaves.

The video has gone viral - CCTV footage, and the murder shook the entire Telugu land and came to be known as the Miryalaguda Honour Killing. Yes. You have by now guessed their names. A couple of years ago, in Tamil Nadu a similar incident happened. Shankar and Kaushalya. That incident  prominently featured in a passing statement in the highly acclaimed Tamil film - Pariyerum Perumal.

Everyone Has Their Say

Everyone has their say in the incident. And the society got divided into two groups. Those who supported the father of the girl Maruti Rao. And then there are those who supported the young lovers. People with thinking ability analysed the heinous act (yes, a murder is always a heinous act) and condemned it. But whatever is your point of view, such a concept is never made it to the big screens in a proper way just like they did in Tamil Cinema. One or two films might have been made but without any fanfare.

Enters RGV

Pranay and Amrita were duly forgotten. The media got other topics to maintain their TRPs. And now every discussion in one way or the other is hijacked by Covid-19 and it's vaccine. But Ram Gopal Varma who's on a filmmaking spree (on all topics good bad and ugly) has come up with a sensational film Murder. Simple. Generic. And as generic as the honour killings in this advanced world.

But what he did right this time was to present the point of view of the father than the lovers and their plight. An ordinary man who grew to be one of the prominent citizens of the town (in a good way or bad). He raised his daughter with all his love and treated her as the personification of his honour. Not just that. She's his angel who brought him wealth and might. She falls in love with a youngster when she's in school. Romantic. And rosy life in dreams. All right.

But the father thinks that the boy trapped his innocent daughter for his wealth. Clashes. Friction. Fights. Battles of wills. Finally the girl eloped with the boy and gets married. But the father couldn't stop doing nothing. In vengeance. He wants to bring his daughter out of the trap. And also to protect his honour. We know how it all ended.

A well made film

Murder presented and overseen by Ram Gopal Varma may not be a classic. But it's not an exploitative sensational film like we all were made to believe. It's just a film produced on a low budget and in general well made. We may differ with the point of view presented in the film but the movie is gripping for the most part. The music is good. The narration is effective. The cinematography is decent and created the right atmosphere for a film visualised by Ram Gopal Varma.

An alternate perspective 

But as the time is passing, things have to change. But presenting an alternative perspective - that of a parent - is a commendable job. Remember. This review writer is as objective as always. But we have seen so so many Love Keliye Kuchh Bhi Karega sort of films and the victory or failure of love which at least changes or eradicates the elders. How many times have we seen the story from the side of a father or a parent?

Their point of view might be wrong. Killing for honour is wrong. Heck! Killing another person itself is wrong (unless it's for self protection - legally). But as Oh Dae-su says in Oldboy doesn't a beast deserve to have its story be heard? If such Oh Dae-su's plea is heard, why not Maruti Rao's?


That's what Murder is all about. No boring elements. No over exploitation. Not much emotional. Manipulation. A known story is presented in an unknown or unheard of point of view with a gripping narration. You can watch it.

Pycker Rating: 3 out of 5

Reviewed By: GitacharYa 

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