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Sathriyan Full Movie

U Action, Drama, Thriller 2 hrs 36 mins Jun 9, 2017
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Sathriyan Story

Director: SR Prabhakaran

Cast: Vikram Prabhu as Gunasekaran aka Guna, Venkat Prabhu as Rajasekaran aka Raja, Manjima Mohan as Niranjana, Kavin as Dr Chandran, Aishwarya Dutta as Dr Chandran's Love. 

Samuthiram a powerful and dreaded don is murdered by his rival Shankar. With Samuthiram's murder, Shankar becomes takes over Samuthiram's activities and becomes the most powerful in the city. Guna who belongs to Samuthiram's gang is sent to take care of Samuthiram's daughter Niranjana. Niranjana falls in love with Guna but Guna refuses as she is the daughter of Samuthiram.

Soon Guna agrees to marry her and things turn upside down when Ravi and Niranjana's family members disagrees on the relationship. Guna stands strong in his decision to marry Niranjana and his boss Ravi is forced to take a call on Guna. Ravi decides to kill Guna. Meanwhile, Shankar has also planned to kill Guna because Guna had killed one of his gang members. 

Guna decides to change himself and settle with Niranjana but Shankar and Ravi haunt him. How Guna survive the hard situation and unite with Niranjana is the core of Sathriyan. The movie tried to portray the usual gangster reformation story in a different style and it has clicked. The movie was packed with nice twists and turns. Vikram Prabhu's Sathriyan had an above average run and was declared a hit.

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