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Mrugam (2008)

A Action, Drama, Family 2 hrs 19 mins Jul 17, 2008
Mrugam (2008)

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Set in a backdrop of 1980, the story deals with a man who is a care free villager and womanizer who uses his muscle than his brains for any situation and behaves more like an animal. Due to this behavior of his, he gets into fights with many people from the same village. One day he meets a tomboyish girl whose beauty strikes him and he manages to marry her,but treats her like another one of his conquests. She warms up to him and decides to change him and bring him on to the right path by her love and affection after knowing his past. But Fate has something else stored for him. The rest of the story is all about how his wife stands by him in the toughest situations.

Mrugam (2008) Cast & Crew

  • Aadhi Pinisetty