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Mr Chandramouli Review

U/A Comedy, Drama, Romance 2 hrs 20 mins Jul 6, 2018





Mr Chandramouli Review & Rating


Mr. Chandramouli Review: Passable Flick

What's in store for us?

What to make of a typical Tamil film that tries to be as different as a routine flick that we get to see every weekend? Thiru who had previously delivered a movie like Naan Sigappu Manithan came up with a film that has a socially relevant point, or it seems to be. Real life father and son duo Karthik and Gautham Karthik played the roles in the movie and Regina Cassandra is the lead lady. 

The movie is structured similarly to the above mentioned Vishal starrer. The first half of the movie goes with the fairy tale like life of the hero. Then a  tragedy happens with the hero has to resort to taking vengeance. Let's see what's in store for us and if Thiru delivered another with Mr. Chandramouli review.

Mr. Chandramouli

Chandramouli is a happy go lucky middle-aged man with a son who is a boxer. Raghav, that son falls in love with Madhu at first sight like all good Tamil heroes do. After a few stalking incidents which foreshadow the happenings later in the movie, she reciprocates his feelings. Meanwhile, Chandramouli gets close to a lady named bhairavi played by Varalakshmi Sarathkumar. 

Tragedy strikes when a business war starts between Azhagar, a successful call taxi business owner. Chandramouli becomes unwittingly involved in the war. It then becomes Raghav's duty to avenge the personal loss. Will he gets successful in getting revenge or not forms the rest of the story. 

Good performances

Karthik is good in the title role of Chandramouli a happy go lucky middleaged person. Gautham did give a commendable performance as a man with sight issues, he couldn't see anything more than two feet away from him similar to the necrolepsy of the hero in Naa Sigappu Manithan. 

Regina Cassandra delivered an excellent performance as an app developer. Btw, the hero is a boxer which is why the film was expected to be a sports drama. Mahendran and Santhosh Prathap are good as the rival businessmen. Varalakshmi is decent as the friend of Karthik. 

How's the narration?

As the first half of the movie has the lively life of the hero, the cast performance and the core concept of the movie is good. But the problem starts with the direction and writing. Do we still need a hero who stalks the heroine in order to woo her? When will the makers stop creating characters of heroines who starts to love heroes who stopped stalking them?

Tasteless comedy

Let's see this dialogue. Why did you stop following me? Unaku kenjavum therila minjavum therila, konja matum epdi theriyum? the heroine asks the hero. Check one more exchange. Chandramouli goes to test a car. Getting out of the test vehicle, he says there's something wrong with the seat. The showroom attendant says that isn’t possible as Namitha had checked it the previous day. And do you believe our senior hero says? Ah, that’s the reason the seat is shaky. 

The crew

Going next to the technical departments, the cinematography by Richard M. Nathan is good. It created contrasting atmospheres for the first and second half of the movie. The music by Sam CS is good especially when it comes to the background score. Editing is pretty average. Few scenes could have been chopped off without mercy. Particularly the scenes like the above mentioned. 


Overall, Mr. Chandramouli is a could have been movie. With an interesting core concept, one can expect a great watching experience, but what Mr. Chandramouli delivers is an embarrassing experience. But all is not bad with it if you can bear with few below the waist jokes, Mr. Chandramouli can be a one time watchable fare. 

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Mr Chandramouli Live Updates & Public Talk

Gautham Karthik has become a reliable name in Kollywood as he is scoring super hits consistently. After giving back to back hits with adult comedies, he has chosen to come up with a commercial entertainer titled Mr. Chandramouli. The makers have aggressively promoted the film and Regina's glamorous avatar has grabbed many eyeballs. A special premiere for the movie was held by the makers and this is what the audience is saying about Mr. Chandramouli.

Mr. Chandramouli has mostly received a positive response from its premiere show. The emotional bonding between the father and son has been showcased perfectly say the audience who watched Mr. Chandramouli. The romantic track between Regina and Gautham is said to be very entertaining. Vasusarath's character is said to be very interesting. Check out a few more Tweets about Mr. Chandramouli below.

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Mr Chandramouli Preview

What is Mr Chandramouli about?

Mr Chandramouli written and directed by Thiru is finally hitting the theatres after a long wait. The movie has Gautham Karthik and Navarasa Nayagan Karthik as the lead heroes along with the lead heroines Regina Cassandra and Varalakshmi Sarathkumar. Sathish and veteran director Mahendran plays pivotal roles in the movie. Sam CS has scored the songs and background music for Mr Chandramouli which is tipped to be a crime thriller entertainer.

What to expect from Mr Chandramouli?

Director Thiru

Director Thiru is one of the very few directors in Kollywood who has been experimenting with different genres. From rom-com to sci-fi he has tried everything and has mastered in depicting new dimensions in his films. So Mr Chandramouli will have all the elements that will keep the audience engaged throughout its course. 

Glimpses on the Plot

The trailer and songs of Mr Chandramouli released last month has created buzz among the movie lovers. From the sneak peeks, Mr Chandramouli is touted to be dealing with the crime that takes place in call Taxis. From the songs, it's clearly evident that the movie has placed portions of good romance between the characters played by Gautham Karthik and Regina Cassandra. The Frames of the songs featuring Regina Cassandra in the sensuous avatar have already steamed up the curiosity.

Gautham Karthik and Navarasa Nayagan Karthik

Mr Chandramouli's most attractive feature in the star cast is that it marks the first collaboration of yesteryear actor Navarasa Nayagan Karthik with his son Gautham Karthik. After Oru Nalla Naal Paathu Solren and Iruttu Arayil Murattu Kuthu, Mr Chandramouli marks the third release for the young star Gautham Karthik this year.

Technical and Production values

This Creative Entertainments production-Mr Chandramouli accounts a special position for the popular producer-distributor Dhananjayan and his company. Along with him, Vikram Kumar and Lalitha Dhananjayan will take the movie to the theatres under the banner BOFTA Media India Pvt Ltd. 
The movie is also rich on its technical front. Richard M Nathan is on board to head the cinematography and TS Suresh on the cuts and edits. The trendy music director Sam CS who is known for his stunning background scores is in to take Mr Chandramouli to another level with his tunes.

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