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Mosagallu Review

U/A Crime, Drama, Thriller 2 hrs 15 mins Mar 19, 2021





Mosagallu Review & Rating

Mosagallu Review: Na Ghar Ka Na Ghat Ka

A lot of expectations because of the confidence of the lead actor and the producer. Though lower than normal, the hype surrounding the subject is okay. With an international making and a subject which spanned across the two of the biggest democracies in the world - India and America, Mosagallu is thought of as a perfect thriller to watch this weekend. Let’s see if this film delivered on the promise with Mosagallu review.

The film is based on the call centre scam where 2600 crore rupees are stolen from the Americans by a small set of Indians posing as IRS (Internal Revenue Service) officials and making them believe they need to pay taxes.

Anu and Arjun Varma are twins who were born in poverty. Being born in poverty is accidental but dying poor is your mistake. One of the cliched quotes goes by mouthed by personality development experts. So, they take their fathers upright nature as his inability to make money. Arjun indulges himself in several fraudulent activities and makes a living. He’s currently working in a call centre and has access to all the data related to some American customers. Ducking the confidentiality and other moralities, he uses the data to his benefit and tries to get rich.

Meanwhile, his boss played by Navdeep is also the sort of person who wants to become rich quickly. He hatches a plan for a big earning and asks Arjun to join forces with him. Anu too joins the team and then they cheat Americans to the extent of 2600 crores. FBI is on alert now and Indian government need to help them nab the criminals. Enter DSP Kumar. What happens next is anyone’s guess.

The subject has a lot of potential and as the victims are common Americans the film needs the presence or involvement of a few Americans. Hence the film is promoted as an international film. Despite having the potential to become a top of the line heist thriller in the lines of Special 26 or Thana Serndha Kooram, Mosagallu flatters to deceive.

The narration is boring after the initial thrill of watching a film based on an exciting subject. The actual crime is not properly established. Despite the subject being based on a real life incident, the makers took the short cut of cinematic liberties. The screenplay is fractured. On one hand it gives us a sense of watching a profound action thriller, on the other hand it makes us feel going through a film which lacks any sort of thrill factor.

Kajal Aggarwal is good (looking) in her role. Navdeep is once again typecast in his role but aced it. Suneel Shetty is wasted once again in a South Indian film where he - actually - has no business. He just went through motions. Manchu Vishnu who was so confident of this film giving him the big breakthrough he has been waiting for all through his career is good in his role. But the writing team deceived him once again.

The direction of the film has nothing to write about. The action sequences which are so hyped up are okayish at best. The dialogues are generic and mishmash of several intriguing quotations. There are hundreds of heist films and novels and the genre still creates a lot of interest because of the technicalities. Take, for example, the 2012 Bollywood thriller Players which was a box office bomb still boasts of a wondrous train sequence and a climactic action block which could be circulated among the action aficionados in YouTube.

The production values are good for the budget. The music is decent. The cinematography lacked atmospheric nature this genre demands. The lighting scheme is lazy at best. The editing is okay! The art department did a good job.

Mosagallu is not worthy of the hype the makers tried to create. It neither has the profundity of an epic international thriller nor the interesting thrills of an indie film made by a group of well versed individuals. Avoid it.

Rating: 2 out of 5 

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  • Jayashankar

    20 Mar 21 @ 9:12 AM


    Well in this Manchu done decent job but acting wise Kajal didn’t perform well.. story is not gripping..

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