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U/A Drama, Thriller 2 hrs 26 mins Jul 7, 2017
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Mom Story

Director: Ravi Udyawar

Cast: Sridevi as Devki Sabarwal, Sajal Ali as Arya, Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Daya Shankar a.k.a DK, Adnan Siddiqui as Anand Sabarwal, Akshaye Khanna as CBI officer Matthew Francis, and Abhimanyu Singh as Jagan

Devki is a vivacious Biology teacher who is popular among her students. Devki has a stepdaughter Arya who always at distant to her. One day Arya is invited to a farmhouse for Valentine's Day party, a hesitant Devki allows her to go. Although things turn ugly when Arya rejects the preferences of her classmate Mohit and his friend Charles. Humiliated by Arya in public, Mohit, Charles, along with Jagan and Babu rape her and dump her in a drain. Upon recovery, Arya confesses the names of her attacker and they are arrested by Inspector Matthew. However, the attackers are bailed out when the case reveals that Arya was drunk, thus her memory can't be trusted. This news shatters Devki's house, distancing Arya from her even more. 

Determined to avenge Arya, Devki seeks the help of a shady detective Daya Shankar (DK). The rest of the film is a story of how Devki takes revenge against her daughter's attackers. One by one Devki clears all the attackers from her daughter's path in her own way. A suspicious Matthew confronts Devki and warns her about the consequences of her actions. Will Devki be caught in all these of her wrongdoings for her daughter's good?

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