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U Drama, Horror, Mystery 2 hrs 22 mins Jul 27, 2018





Mohini Review & Rating


Mohini Review: Stale Screenplay Spoiled The Movie

Trisha who ruled both Tollywood and Kollywood for more than a decade has now taken a backseat among the current generation of actresses. But the star she is has not waned off and she now and then plays meaty roles. Her desire is to act in a heroine oriented film. Despite acting in one such film, Nayagi, Trisha nearly disowned the film. Now, she has come up with another film, Mohini. 

Despite lowkey initial response, the trailer and Trisha's first look created buzz among the audience. Moreover, the movie promised to be an outdoor affair than the usual haunted bungalow route that many films take on. Let's see if Trisha's wish of scoring a hit with a female-oriented film fulfilled with Mohini review. 

Vaishnavi is a chef known for her delicious recipes. She goes to London with her assistants Balki played by Swaminathan and Panju played by Yogi Babu. There she meets and falls in love with Sandeep played by the Bollywood actor Jackyy Bhagnani. He even introduces her to his mother. 

But things go awry when Vaishnavi goes to a picnic. While enjoying a boat ride, she happens upon a conch shell and sounds it. A spirit named Mohini comes out without them knowing it. Vaishnavi starts to act in a strange manner. Everyone thinks that she is possessed. Vaishnavi discovers a connection between Sandeep and the role played by Mukesh Tiwari. Mohini via Vaishnavi decides to slay Sandeep and that other person. Why she wants to kill them and who is Mohini first of all forms the crux of the story. 

Trisha is gorgeous as Vaishnavi and fearsome as Mohini. That's where the positives end for the movie. That she delivered a stellar performance despite an inept script talks volumes about her acting prowess. She literally carried the movie on her slender shoulders. It is one of her best performances. 

Jacky Bhagnani is good as the lead man. Mukesh Tiwari is nice as the antagonist. Yogi Babu failed to induce laughs from the audience. Poornima Bhagyaraj (previously Poornima Jayaram) is good as Sandeep's mother. Rest of the cast have no importance and did what they were asked for by the director. 

The story of the movie has the potential to give a good film. And the way everything is explained scientifically is great to come across. In a sea of horror films where everything is taken comedically, Mohini comes as a breath of fresh air. But the screenplay falls apart.  Except for few scenes and touching upon the current social issues, Mohini has nothing to offer, it's more of a what happened sort of thriller than a horror. 

Music for songs is mediocre. But the background score is well composed. It elevates otherwise stale scenes. The cinematography by R. B. Gurudev takes the cake. The visuals are top notch. Editing is poor. The production values are grand and the movie is superior compared to other horror movies we have seen lately. 

On a whole, the second solo venture of Trisha fails to create an impact with a stale narration and uninteresting screenplay. The performance by Trisha and the core concept and the way the movie avoided haunted houses come as a breath of fresh air. It's not necessarily a movie to be avoided, but not a movie to be considered when you have a choice. 

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  • Satya

    27 Jul 18 @ 4:47 PM

Mohini Live Updates & Public Talk

Senior heroine Trisha strikes again with Mohini. Trisha who had tried her hand in a horror film previously with Nayaki now comes up with another heroine oriented horror flick with the presence of an old entity. Trisha played a dual role in the movie with one being Mohini and the other being Vaishnavi. The movie opened to mixed reviews with the praise centered upon the lead actress and Yogi Babu's comedy. Trisha looks gorgeous in the movie. The first half is entertaining according to the early watchers. 


Mohini Preview

What is Mohini about?

Mohini is a fantasy horror thriller starring the evergreen Trisha in the eponymous role. A horror fantasy, it is a refreshing change among the long line of horror comedies. The outlook of the movie seems to be serious with a different sort of narration to make it differentiated from the other such movies. 

The story of the movie revolves around Mohini, an ancient soul of more than 2000 years. She appears to be on the path of vengeance for something wrong that happened to her. She comes back for the revenge, and the how and in what way she gets the score settles form the story of the film. Not much is given away in the trailer though but what we may expect in the form of thrills. 

What to expect from Mohini

Trisha show all the way

Trisha is undoubtedly one of the top heroines of her generation and still commands the same respect she deserves of course. She plays the role of a  spirit named Mohini which attempts to have vengeance on someone who had harmed or caused pain to it. Her screen presence is still excellent even after all these years (do you believe it was in 1999 that she made her screen debut with a small role in Jodi? Two decades!). She is the star on whom the movie is marketed. 

Intense story

Mohini has an intense story at its core and with superb emotions and stress relief comedy as an aside. That the story is based on a mystery that talks about something 2000 years ago, it makes for a curious watch this weekend. Add to that Trisha playing the lead role, Mohini promises to be a top class horror experience. Director Ramana Madhesh has cooked up something special. 

Rich production values

Marvel Worth Productions as the name suggests comes up with a marvelous production design. Right from an interesting story to tell to the visual effects, Mohini appears to be a visual wonder. With a cast lead by Trisha and solid technicians for backing up, Mohini is rightfully surrounded by a lot of buzz. 

R. B. Gurudev, the cinematographer, has an experience in handling the horror genre as he had worked for Raghava Lawrence's Kanchana. And from what we have seen in the trailer, the crew worked for Mohini poured their hearts out for the movie. 

Watch this space for Mohini review, rating, and complete analysis. Be right back!