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Mohanlal (Movie) Review

U Comedy 2 hrs 25 mins Apr 14, 2018





Mohanlal (Movie) Review & Rating

Debutant Sajid Yahiya's maiden movie Mohanlal is the story of Meenukutty; a hardcore and crazy Mohanlal fan who was born on the day when Mohanlal's debut movie Manjil Virinja Pookal hit theatres. The plot of the movie is centered around Meenukutty and her boundless fascination towards the superstar and how people around her including her childhood sweetheart turned partner Sethu Madhavan gets affected by it. Manju Warrier stars in the prime role as Meenukutty while Indrajith essays the role of her husband. Salim Kumar, Soubin Shahir, Aju Varghese, Harish Kanaran, KPAC Lalitha among others form the cast of this highly awaited film produced by Anil Thekkumpuram under Mindset Movies Banner. Here is Mohanlal movie review.

Meenukutty is born on the same day as when the actor's debut movie Manjil Virinja Pookal hit theatres. The little girl falls in love with the silver screen characters of Mohanlal and grows up to be one big die-hard and eccentric fan of Mohanlal who often puts those around her in awkward situations. The first half of the movie revolves around the Meenukutty's love and craziness towards her idol while the second half of the movie is about the unexpected hurdles Meenukutty and her husband Sethu Madhavan has to go through and how they overcome it without losing the fun element.

Manju Warrier's Meenukutty varies from the typical single-mother, struggling-and-brave women characters the actress has been picking up since her return to the big screen in 2014.  Meenukutti is crazy. She is little extra; chirpy and unapologetically uninhibited. And Manju Warrier rocks her role; stealing the show in a Ryban glass and flaunting her parts with a touch of humor. Indrajith Sukumaran back her perfectly as Sethu Madhavan, the loving and understanding husband of Meenukutti. Another lovable comes from actor Salim Kumar who appears as Sathan Jose. The humor department of the film is safe in the hands of Salim Kumar, Aju Varghese, and Biju Kuttan while it gains from the strong performances by KPAC Lalitha, Balachandran Chullikkadu, Sreejith Ravi, Sethu Lakshmi and Krishna Kumar.

Sajid Yahiya's Mohanlal is a movie very much relatable to every Mohanlal fans for whom the superstar is much of a feeling aka vikaram. The filmmaker finely plays with the psyche of a hardcore Lalettan fan and beautifully and effectively brings in element and references to superstar making his movie a fanfare for Latten fans. The songs by Tony Joseph and Prakash Alex is a treat while other technical departments including cinematography and editing have been finely handled by the respective owners.   

It takes a while to accept Manju Warrier's over-acting, outspoken, crazy character Meenukutti. Once the traits of Meenukuti sink in, she becomes an adorable Mohanlal fan we can relate easily too. Other than that this feel-good movie seasoned with rib-tickling comedy, beautiful songs, and ample emotional drama makes up for a gratifying watch that one wouldn't want to linger too much on its shortcomings.

Final Verdict: A big treat for the Lalettan and Manju Warrier fans. And for anyone who is in the mood for a feel good entertainer, Mohanlal is the best option this weekend.

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Mohanlal (Movie) Preview

What Is Mohanlal About?

Starring Manju Warrier in the lead role, Mohanlal tells the story of Meenukutty who is a hardcore and crazy fan of Mohanlal. She was born on the same day Mohanlal's Manjil Virinja Pookal hit screens and grew up as an ardent Lalettan fan who would instantly connect Mohanlal's each and every characters with the real-life people around her. Indrajith Sukumaran appears in the movie as Meenukutty's childhood sweetheart Sethu who later becomes her husband. Soubin Shahir, Salim Kumar, Siddique and Aju Varghese are also part of Mohanlal's stellar cast. Debutant Sajid Yahiya directs this fun family entertainer written by Suneesh Varanad and produced by Anil Kumar under Mindset Movies.

What To Expect From Mohanlal?

  • Stunning Performance From Manju Warrier 

With Meenukutty, Manju Warrier is stepping into the shoes of a character she has never donned in her commendable acting career. The movie has her in the role of a crazy fan, who is least bothered about the constructive norms for a perfect lady and is 'over' and 'extra' when it comes to Mohanlal. It would be indeed a treat to watch her as Meenukutty and her delightful performance is something to watch out for.

  • An Entertaining Trip Filled With Laughs 

Mohanlal is billed to be a fun family entertainer with an amusing plot. And to add the fun element a bevy of fine actors including Soubin Shahir, Salim Kumar, Indrajith, Aju Varghese who can handle humor with ease and perfection lines up the cast and it is promising enough.

  • Mohanlal Fans, Be Prepared For Unwarned Goosebumps And Adrenaline Rush 

As such the movie is about a crazy Mohanlal fan, there are no points for guessing that there would be no Mohanlal references and his evergreen dialogues. Watch out for some real moments of adrenaline rush and goosebumps if you are indeed a Lalettan fan. Also, most likely the theatres are likely to witness the real fandom of Mohanlal like never before.

  • Manju Warrier-Indrajith Combo

The movie marks the second outing of Manju Warrier and Indrajith. Both the actors first teamed up in the 2016movie Vettah in which they shared the screen with notable chemistry sans any romantic plot. In Mohanlal, both will be seen as childhood friends who grow up to be a married couple. And most likely Mohanlal will have another impressive performance from the duo.

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