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U/A Action, Comedy 2 hrs 40 mins Mar 23, 2018





MLA Review & Rating


Nandamuri Kalyan Ram whose last film as hero was Ism has come up with MLA - Manchi Lakshanalunna Abbai in the direction of Upendra Madhav. Produced by Kiran Reddy and Bharath Chowdary under Blue Planet Entertainments banner, their second venture. Upendra Madhav previously worked on movies like Bruce Lee and Aagadu is debuting with this film as a director. Let's see if this movie gives success to all those involved in MLA review. 

The story of romantic action entertainer MLA is about a fun loving youngster Kalyan (played by Kalyan Ram). He is kicked out of home by his father for helping his sister marry the guy she loved. He goes to Bengaluru with his sister and her husband (played by Vennela Kishore). He comes across Indu in the selfies he took with his sister and brother in law. Confidentially he meets her while on a shopping spree and expresses his love. She turned out to be the daughter of his boss (Murali Mohan in a cameo). When a land property of Indu's company is occupied by Ajay, he hatches an intelligent plan and gets the land back to the company. Suddenly Industry was attacked by goons, and Kalyan has to fight to fend them off. Who are those goon and why they attacked Indu what has all this to do with Veerabhadrapuram MLA and how Kalyan solves this forms the rest of the story. 

Kalyan Ram is Uber stylish in the role of Kalyan. He is stylish both in regular attires and Panche Kattu. His performance is equally good both in comedy and serious scenes. Special mention should be given to his histrionics in a scene where a boy who works for him dies in his hands. Action sequences composed for him are routine and his screen presence is good. Kajal Agarwal has a substantial role in the first half and has nothing to do in the second half. She is gorgeous in songs and other scenes. Her performance is apt for the character given to her. 

Prudhvi Raj who played as the assistant to Kalyan Ram as Raju Garu is excellent. Vennela Kishore as the brother in law of Kalyan is underutilised. Ravi Kishan who played the main villain Gadappa did routine action. Brahmanandam's extended cameo is entertaining. The boy (Chinna) who works for Kalyan is good. Performance of the rest of the cast is good to average. 

Director Upendra Madhav who previously worked in the writing department of Sreenu Vaitla selected a routine story for his debut. But he made sure that there are no boring scenes in the film. He also inserted very interesting sequences at regular intervals to keep the audience entertained. But the main point of the story starts only in the second half. Emotional scenes could have been handled well. Action sequences fell flat for the most part. His direction in few serious scenes and comedy scenes is good. 

Music by Mani Sharma is very good. Yuddham Yuddham song got great response from the audience. Hey Indu is another good number. Background score is first-rate. Mani Sharma proved his mastery in that department. The cinematography is good. Scenes are colourful. The art department did a good job. 

Production values are grand and every penny spent is visible on the screen. Editing work is decent. The narration moves crisply. 

On a whole, MLA is a routine story done well when translating to the big screen. Plus point is there are no boring scenes and drag in the narration. Kalyan Ram and Kajal's chemistry worked out well. Performance of the lead characters and scenes in the second half are the highlights of the movie. Mani Sharma music is another asset. On the flip side, emotional scenes don't register with the audience. The first half has nothing to do with the story. Kalyan Ram's MLA is a decent watch for its entertainment. 

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MLA User Reviews

  • chilukuri v

    23 Mar 18 @ 5:59 PM

    MLA is one of the most worst movie that i had watched in recent times. Most predictable screenplay with no proper flavor in dialogues. None of the actors' acting is up to mark and it is clearly evident that kajal haven't put any interest towards this movie. Hero running behing heroine to love him and and later he realizes that she has got some issue with villain and he go and clear it off and also make villain weak in front of people who till then are scared of him and suddenly makes him a puppet. Basic logic in the movie is missing and music is not up to mark which is letting audience to take up their mobile phones to get rid of the song. Mani sharma garu we expected a bit more and its an absolute stale story line. Even comedy needs a thumbs down brahmanandam has again been used improperly. Waste of time movie.  

  • Venkatesh

    4 Apr 18 @ 9:09 PM

  • Venkat

    30 Mar 18 @ 2:47 PM


MLA Live Updates & Public Talk

Kalyan Ram who is known for coming up with different scripts has chosen to come up with a commercial entertainer this time and it is directed by debutante Upendra Madhav. Kajal has teamed up with her first co-star after a gap of more than a decade. The teasers and trailer of MLA have hinted that the movie is going to be a commercial entertainer with a social message. Now, the movie has finally hit the screens and the audience, after watching the movie, are posting their opinions on social media. Let's check them out.

As one would expect the film to be, MLA turned out to be a regular commercial entertainer which deals with a social issue in the second half. But comedy seems to have worked very well which is said to be the saving grace of the film. The placement of songs seems to be one of the major drawbacks of MLA, check out the Tweets below to know more about MLA movie.

Kalyan Ram's MLA is getting a positive feedback from the audience as the comedy in the first half and sentiment scenes in the second half work out well. Kalyan Ram is being praised for his performance and his look in the film. Kajal Aggarwal seems to have done a decent job and the interval block featuring her is said to be yet another major highlight of the film. Check out the latest tweets to know more.

Despite being made as a commercial entertainer, MLA seems to have a social message which is presented perfectly by the director. With good commercial elements and top heroine like Kajal Aggarwal playing the female lead, MLA is expected to do well in B & C centers. The first half of the film is getting unanimous positive talk as the comedy scenes work out well but the second half seems to be below par making the movie an above average fare overall.

Stay tuned for more Public Talk of MLA Telugu movie.

MLA Preview

What is Kalyan Ram MLA about?

MLA is a romantic action drama film starring Kalyan Ram in the lead role. Kajal Aggarwal is paired opposite Kalyan Ram for the second time. She previously acted with him in her Tollywood debut, Lakshmi Kalyanam. MLA (Manchi Lakshanalunna Abbai) is directed by Upendra Madhav in his feature film directorial debut. MLA is produced by Kiran Reddy, Bharath Chowdary, T G Viswa Prasad on Blue Planet Entertainments and People Media Factory banners. Senior music director Manisharma composed the musical score of this movie.

The story of the movie MLA is the journey to the power of a young man while fighting against corruption and how the good wins over the evil. Kalyan Ram plays the role of a fun-loving youngster who falls in love with a beautiful lady, played by Kajal Aggarwal. Inspired by the ideals of his lady love, the hero sets out on a mission for children's access to education. In the process, he finds himself against a political leader played by Ravi Kishen.

What to expect from Kalyan Ram MLA?

Kalyan Ram and Kajal Aggarwal pairing

It was against Kalyan Ram that Kajal Aggarwal debuted in Telugu Film Industry with the movie Lakshmi Kalyanam way back in 2007. Kalyan Ram since has become a bankable star hero in Telugu with hits like Hare Ram and Pataas. Kajal grew leaps and bounds from a new girl introduced by Teja to one of the top most heroines of South Indian Cinema she is now. Though the previous movie in their combination was an average flick at the box office, their chemistry as cousins who fall in love was praised. After more than a decade, Kalyan Ram and Kajal combination is set in MLA. It surely is going to be a treat to watch this beautiful pairing in this romantic action entertainer.

Fun filled entertainer

Kalyan Ram’s one of previous movies Pataas is an action entertainer laced with lots of fun sequences. Kalyan Ram proved himself to have mass appeal and he is equally good in comedy action. In MLA, he is playing the character of a fun-loving youngster, and his scenes with Vennela Kishore promises to have excellent comedy. In the trailer, he delivered mass dialogues with ease and maintained a poker face whenever needed. Especially his dialogues challenging the villain are very good. His screen presence in action sequences is superb.

Mani Sharma music

Melody Brahma Mani Sharma is one of the senior music directors in Tollywood. Despite lack of regular musical hits, he proved himself to be a master of the background score. His rerecording skills are sought after by various filmmakers. Add to that, the audio he delivered for MLA is an interesting one. The song Yuddham Yuddham is hit with everyone. Hey Indu is a beautiful melody. Rest of the songs are typical Mani Sharma beat songs. We can be assured of first-rate background score.