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Mission: Impossible - Fallout Review

U/A Action, Spy, Thriller 2 hrs 28 mins Jul 27, 2018

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Mission: Impossible - Fallout Review & Rating

Mission: Impossible - Fallout review: Insanely Great 

Mission: Impossible - Fallout is an insanely great film. Period. This Tom Cruise star vehicle which has a history of more than two decades comeback with a sequel titled Fallout. It is an action film to end all action films. Christopher McQuarrie returns as the director, a first for the series that a director makes two films. 

The Stunts

There are colossal action scenes in Paris, London and finally a barking mad helicopter chase sequence in Kashmir during the climax, and all that is topped off with some outrageous vertigo-inducing hanging-by-a-thread scenes which remind us of brought back memories of Roger Moore-era Bond. 

And of course, the customary thrills with rubber masks, an essentially comic part of the IMF armoury entrusted to the cheeky and fan favorite Benji, played by well liked Simon Pegg. It is why certain glowering people in the state department have ungraciously called Ethan’s team a bunch of grown men in rubber masks playing trick-or-treat.

The Ethan Hunt

Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt looks his age, even if that makes him the fittest 55-year-old on Earth, sporting distinguished little wrinkles at the corners of his eyes that subtly underscore he’s no hot-shot rookie, and this isn’t his first rodeo. If anything, that’s what sets Fallout apart: It’s aware of Hunt’s previous experience and incorporates that into the narrative. It doesn't want to fake Tom Cruise's age.

The villain in Fallout is someone we have encountered previously. And recently too. Sean Harris’ Solomon Lane, who made it his mission to eliminate the IMF in Rogue Nation delivers another understated performance. There’s a veiled reference to Vanessa Redgrave’s character from the first movie, Max. 

Hunt's Love

Another feature of Fallout that reminds us of the past is Hunt's love for Michelle Monaghan's Julia from the third installment. But it is an extension of that sexy spy-who-loved-me dynamic with MI6 agent Ilsa Faust deliciously played by the ravishing Rebecca Ferguson from the last movie that keeps us glued to the seats. 

Exhilarating journey

We have seen it all. Hunt has climbed sheer rock faces, driven high-speed motorcycles, and dodged exploding helicopters. But it makes us want even more and the director Christopher McQuarrie duly obliges. The scenery has never been more spectacular, whether he’s standing atop the chimney of the Tate Modern with all of London laid out before him or parachuting onto the glass roof of Grand Palais in Paris - whose pristine white bathrooms supply the most memorable scene of this movie. 

The much-hyped encounter between the semi charismatic Henry Cavill's August Walker and Ethan Hunt doesn't disappoint. It is high octane and brilliantly executed. The locations are used to the maximum and it is not wrong to say the location or rather space can be termed as a crucial player in the movie. 

The usual suspects of Benji and Lex Luther ably support Hunt. They are part of an exhilarating climax. Benji who was never in danger experiences a near-death experience but is saved miraculously by... well know it by watching the movie. The grand finale comes as the knockout blow and takes things a step further. 

Music and cinematography

Lorne Balfe's score is first rate. It reminds us of Hans Zimmer's work for Chris Nolan films. The way he recreated the theme music with various instruments is a treat to listen to. Just don't miss the sounds when a top of the grade stunt work is going on. Rob Hardy's cinematography is equally good. The way he used space and the lighting scheme is hard to believe for a long-standing action film series. 

And then... there's none

All in all, Mission: Impossible - Fallout is the best in the franchise and the second best thrilling experience after Ghost Protocol (it's tough to top the Burj Khalifa setpiece). Go watch and marvel at the daredevilry of Tom Cruise the biggest action star of all time who still carries the flag with aplomb. Fallout is not the fallout in the literal sense. Hunt rises above many other action men. Insanely great, right?

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