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Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho

Comedy, Drama 2 hrs 14 mins Jun 26, 2015
Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho

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This political courtroom drama directed by debutant Vinod Kapri stars Om Puri, Annu Kapoor, Hrishita Bhatt, Rahul Bagga, Ravi Kishan and Sanjay Mishra. The story is set in a small village of Haryana called Tanakpur where Sualaal Gandas (Annu Kapoor) is one of the Pradhans who uses his powers for his own vested interests without bothering much about the villagers. As a result the local police and law are in his pocket. He has a young and pretty wife Maya (Hrishita Bhatt) who secretly loves a village young lad Arjun (Rahul Bagga). On knowing about his wife’s affair with Arjun, Sualaal decides to accuse Arjun of raping ‘Miss Tanakpur’, the beautiful village buffalo. The case is taken to the court where Arjun and Miss Tanakpur’ are cross examined by their respective lawyers.

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  • Annu Kapoor