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Ratsasan Review

Crime, Thriller Oct 5, 2018





Ratsasan Review & Rating

Ratsasan Review: A World-Class Thriller Not To Be Missed

A gruesome thriller

Ratsasan makes no bones about the fact (pun intended) that the film is about a serial killer stating the purpose right from the word go. That it has lotzza violence is not concealed by opening the film with a murder where an anonymous killer starts chopping the head of a woman with an axe with repeated blows. Gruesome? Right! Purpose served? Yes. 

Ratsasan, as the name suggests, is the story of a ratchasan (demon or a rakshasa) of a villain who kills young school girls for fun. The back story and the motivation given for his killing spree are comical (we should get away from it quickly as the rest of the film is truly world class) at best. But what separates Ratsasan from the other such thrillers is the hero's characterization. 

The filmmaker

The opening murder sequence is the eponymous serial killer baying in on his victim but it's a scene from the film the hero is about to make. Arun is an aspiring filmmaker who wants to tell the story of a serial killer. He has done his research for that. That knowledge helps him in the future but not in the present as none of the producers he approached bankroll his film as it is too dark for their tastes or for the tastes of the audience. Holy mother of irony for a serial killer film in a serial killer film! 

Now, not getting carried away, let's see how the latest entry in the Tamil psycho killer films with Ratsasan review. Arun is then forced to take up a job, not any job but that of his father's. The police department offers him a chance with them and he takes it up as his uncle played by Ramdoss is also in the department. 


A schoolgirl is found murdered and the department is on high alert. Arun gets into action as any good hero should and by the time the second murder happens, he concludes that it is the handiwork of a serial killer. His research on the subject helps him. But he couldn't get any clues. The murders are committed without leaving any signature. 

Two more murders. Time is running out. But this time, it is personal stakes for the hero as someone who is very close to him is killed. Ah! Personal stakes. What's more intriguing than a hero with a personal vendetta on the search for a serial killer? Personal stakes to the heroes always make the films more emotional and involving. 

With his family in the firing line of the psychopathic killer, Arun goes all out. Though this may make things too melodramatic, the director Ramkumar, fortunately, stuck to the genre which doesn't accept melodrama, especially in Indian Cinema. But the things went downhill once the killer's identity is revealed and the climax is dragged to no end. What should have been a brilliant 150 odd minute thrilling tale of a serial killer became a 170-minute drag. Other than that, Ramkumar's brilliance is the standout point of the film. 

The players

Vishnu Vishal did a commendable job as an aspiring filmmaker cum police officer. This is easily his best work and he looked damn fit for the role (pun intended). Where is the heroine? Amala Paul has a character that appears in flashes throughout the film. The best aspect of her character is that the usual romance is done away with a couple of quick scenes. Rest of it was left for the imagination of the audience. But her role is not as essential to the film as we expect. Ramdoss, Suzane George, Kali Venkat, and Sanjay delivered very good performances.

Two more things to take note of

Two more things to talk about elaborately. Ratsasan is not just a well told serial killer story. It is a great advertisement for Cinema as a visual art where 24 crafts work hand-in-hand to make it a visual experience. The sound design and the background score are beyond brilliant. Ghibran has poured his heart and soul into the music of this film is an understatement. He upped the tempo in several scenes where the director depended on the music and camera angles to show violence rather than gory images. 

Coming to the cinematography, Ratsasan boasts of one of the best works by a cinematographer in a Tamil film in a long time. The shadows, the color palette, the bright spots, lighting, merging of shades... everything is composed masterfully by P. V. Sankar. A truly world class work. A lesson in how to make the visuals talk. 


Ratsasan is a well made thriller. Well produced thriller. Cinema as an audio visual medium has got a perfect example with this film. Despite the pitfalls it had fallen into and avoided at the last moments, it is a masterfully constructed work of art. Not to be missed for those who can stomach so much of violence. Don't miss to watch in the theatres. Ratsasan is an experience. 

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Ratsasan Live Updates & Public Talk

Ratsasan has created a lot of buzz among the film buffs for a long time in the lead up to its release. The Vishnu Vishal starrer has been the talk of the town since yesterday alongside another biggie. The movie is said to be a master class in thrillers. The early watchers say that the film makes you proud for such a film is made in Tamil. This psycho-thriller is said to be fullon intensity and sema engaging. The film will hit the theatres tomorrow but the previews and press shows are done. The unanimous talk for the film is Ratsasan is not a film to be missed. 

Ratsasan is a riveting thriller. It is hailed as one of the best psycho thrillers ever made in Tamil Cinema. The musical score by Ghibran is said to be impeccable. Director Ramkumar's work is sure-handed. It is said to be the fourth great film in a row in recent times. Ratsasan is a terrific film. It is a jaw-dropping and hugely engaging rise that keeps on surprising the audience with its amazing twists and turns. While Ghibran's music is a major plus point for this film, the writing, directing and the acting performances take Ratsasan to the next level. 

Some early watchers even proclaim that Ratsasan is the best thriller of the year. Yes. Tamil Cinema is resplendent with various thrillers this year and almost all the films received great reviews. Now, Ratsasan to be called the best thriller of the year augurs well for the film before its release. The film is strongly recommended by many. This psycho killer movie has plenty of blood-curdling moments. 

Ratsasan is a nailbiting murder mystery which flows very smoothly when it comes to the narration without any deviation. Vishnu Vishal shined in a very different role. It is a world-class thriller from Tamil Cinema and the screenplay is taut with many edge-of-the-seat moments. Vishnu Vishal as an investigative policeman gave the best performance in his career. 

Watch this space for more Ratsasan public talk and live analysis. Be right back!

Ratsasan Preview

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