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Crime, Thriller Oct 5, 2018
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Ratsasan Story

Director: Ram Kumar

Cast: Vishnu Vishal as Arun Kumar, Amala Paul as Vijayalakshmi, Radha Ravi as Inspector Rajamanickkam, Kaali Venkat as Venkat

Serial killer films came in various forms in the past. All of them talk about some misfortune happening to the central character, in any movie it is the killer, and that leads them to commit heinous crimes. It is the same in the case of Ratsasan, means demon, but where the film stands out is the way it is narrated. Arun Kumar is a sub-inspector of police, and he is a rookie. But that doesn't come in the way of his intuitive skills and when he sees a murder case, he quickly understands that it is the work of a serial killer much to the chagrin of the higher officials.

But how did he find it so quickly? Intuition. Before joining the police force, he was an aspiring filmmaker. He did short films like all the modern-day young filmmakers and tried to approach the producers with a thrilling concept. He had done thorough research on psychopathic killers and collected the information and kept them in a record. Using his knowledge, he makes a guesswork and predicts the next move of the killer. When it turned out to be true, he is put in charge of the case. He advises the police not to name the current victim and not to give details to the media so that the publicity monger of the killer may make a mistake.

Unfortunately, Arun finds himself the victim of the sorrow the serial killer inflicted on the relatives of the victims. How he copes with the personal tragedy and solves the case and throw light on the identity of the killer forms the rest of the story. Ratsasan received unanimously positive reviews from the critics and was pronounced one of the best films of the genre ever produced in India.

The movie was a box office success and was well loved the thriller lovers. Vishnu Vishal's performance as Arun Kumar and the performances of the other actors like Amala Paul, Saravanan, Ramdoss, and Nizhalgal Ravi are applauded by the audience and the critics alike. Ghibran's music was hailed a some of the best work in recent times. Director deservedly received great praise.

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