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Mikhael Review

U/A Action, Family, Thriller 2 hrs 30 mins Jan 18, 2019





Mikhael Review & Rating


Mikhael Review: Mikhael is The great Father But Not A Great Film

The premise

Nivin Pauly has been a star hero for some time. But he is not the action hero. Of course, he acted in a few crime films. But it's not a star vehicle. He expected to make it big with Mikhael. This Haneef Adeni directorial is the star vehicle Nivin needed and let's see if it delivered him the goods with Mikhael review.

The Great father... er... Mikhael

Michael (no k in the name) John is a medical doctor. He is married and has a school going daughter. She was harassed. She is wronged by some criminal minded people. The Law couldn't do anything. Michael John gets angry. He takes the law into his hands. He wants to mete out justice to the wrong-doers. Sounds familiar? Just go and look at the title of this review again. No need to state the obvious again. 


Nivin Pauly is terrific in the role of a brother hell-bent on revenge for his sister. As long as he didn't mouth the punch dialogues (for god's sake, when will the filmmakers understands that punch dialogues don't make the actor a star hero or a mass hero but it is the other way round) or when when he is doing the stunts which were expected to be the highlight of the film. Everything looked forced. 

The charming Nivin Pauly we come to appreciate took a big back seat in this film for the sake of the brooding doctor-father who wants to kill some people to serve justice. Because: revenge. He neither exuded the usual charisma nor does he looked the part. What could have been a memorable role for him turned out a big dud with some pretty bad writing. Enough! Unni Mukundan is wasted in the role. Siddique is terrific as the villain. It is he who is the star of the show. Parava fame Amal is another scene-stealer. 

Writing and direction

The writing of the film is bland. The setup eerily reminds everyone of Mammootty starrer The Great Father, also directed by Haneef Adeni, and has similar flaws and is written in similarly bad taste. Both films are driven by crimes against school-age girls. The direction is competent though. Both the narration which followed the same template and the screenplay are average. 

The crew

The music by Gopi Sundar has its moments. But overall, he did an above average job. The cinematography shines amidst all this rubble though. The editing could have been better. The production design is first rate so is the case with production values. Mikhael is a well-made film. No second thoughts about it. 


With an already seen premise and already used narrative technique (non-linear narration) for the similar premise, Mikhael is one big disappointment. It may not even appeal to the diehard fans of Nivin Pauly. Better avoid it so that you wouldn't at least get your mood spoiled. 


  • No many


  • Too many

Rating: 1.25 out of 5

Mikhael Critic Reviews

Mikhael User Reviews

  • Anikait

    19 Jan 19 @ 5:52 PM

    Mikhael is a good way to introduce a mass and stylish side of nivin pauly. Do not watch this movie if you look for a story as this one is a action packed mass entertainer. Director Haneef has yet again brought out the style and mass side of his writing with this film. Support cast of unni mukundan,siddique, sudev nair,kpac talitha,suraj,ashokan and others were also brilliant. Overall,it is a well directed film with excellent performance by nivin

  • sreerang

    18 Jan 19 @ 1:56 PM

    The director has given a mass movie from the beginning till the end . The movie is never going to disappoint.

Mikhael Live Updates & Public Talk

Nivin Pauly's Mikhael has hit the screens today - surprisingly with very low buzz and online bookings. However, the comination of Nivin Pauly and Haneef Adeni has excited the movie buffs. Moreover as Mikhael is coming after the stupendous success of Kayamkulam Kochunni, the audience have a lots of expectations. From the morning shows, Mikhael's first half is carrying decent to average reports from the audience. Haneef seems to have done a decent job with setting up the film and characters.

The background score by Gopi Sunder seems to be exceptional and other technical departments are also said to be very strong like most of Haneef Adeni's films. Nivin Pauly is said to have excelled as an actor once again, especially in the emotional scenes. However, the story in the first half seems to be pretty average with not much of plot being revealed. Siddique has impressed the audience apart from Nivin Pauly.

The second half of the film seems to be better than the first half with Unni Mukundan and his story being elevated very well. On the other hand, Nivin Pauly is said to have done a decent job in the second half. Haneef Adeni's screenplay is said to be very slow and unexciting unlike his previous movies. Mikhael has received a verdict of one-time-watch as the morning shows come to an end and we will have to wait and see how the film performs at the box office.

Stay tuned for Mikhael movie review and live updates.

Mikhael Preview

What Is Mikhael About

Mikhael is a mass action thriller with the lead actor, playing Dr Mikhael. It is a drama about the enmity unfurling between Dr Mikhael and Marco Jr. Mikhael is a guardian angel, as the tagline goes, trying to protect his loved ones from the evil clutches of the antagonist.

What Mikhael Promises

Mikhael is sure to be high on action and style. The actor looked stunning in his rustic avatar. The first look of Mikhael was quite a rage till the the look of the antagonist dropped in. The antagonist Marco Jr, played by the Unni Mukundan showed him flaunting his chiseled body. The teaser hinted that the flick might be a revenge drama as a voice-over can heard telling that he is no God to allow the sinners a second chance for repentance.

The team


Haneef Adeni, the young writer-director who is basking in the glory after the success of his previous two ventures, The Great Father and Abrahaminte Santhathikal, is back in full swing. The first two had Megastar Mammootty playing the lead role. However, this time he has changed the lead. In all ways, Haneef is able to bring out the stylish best of the lead actors, as he seems adept at weaving a magical wand at the stars, that they immediately transform themselves into demi-gods- both by looks and actions.


Hit Music Composer Gopi Sundar is sure to bring out the much-needed vibes required for a movie of the thriller genre. The award winning editor Mahesh Narayanan has some of the best films to his credit. He can undoubtedly give his best work due to the hype surrounding the film and above all, everyone's expectations from a talented technician like him.


Mikhael boasts of a stellar cast, right from the stylish protagonist to the menacing antagonist to the scintillating and highly experienced support cast. The character posters have kindled considerable curiosity due to the retro lighting. Unni Mukundan looked dashing as Marco Jr, pretty Manjima as Mary, Siddhique as Peter, Babu Antony as John, Sudev Nair as the fiery Francis and the list continue.

The Hero

This is the most stylist avatar of Nivin Pauly till date.  As Dr Mikhael, Nivin is sure to increase his fan-base. He is raw and rough and rustic in his get-up that demands him to be ferocious when confronting his enemy. He is back to action after his previous outing as the local Robinhood, Kayamkulam Kochunni . His career graph will have further exponential growth after Mikhael. That is a promise!!

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