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U/A Action, Family, Thriller 2 hrs 30 mins Jan 18, 2019
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Mikhael Story

Director: Haneef Adeni

Cast: Nivin Pauly as Dr. Michael John, Manjima Mohan as Dr. Mary, Unni Mukundan as Marco Jr., Siddique as George Peter, and Reba Monica John as Anna.

Mikhael tells the story of a doctor who takes the law into his hands after a tragedy hits his extended family. Dr. Michael John is a peace-loving medical doctor who works in one of the top corporate hospitals. He is estranged from his family after his mother marries another man after the tragical death of his father in an accident. 

Despite all the personal loneliness, he loves and establishes a great bonding with his sister. He prospers in his career. All was going well when his sister gets into trouble in school. She is asked for a sparring match in the school. Things quickly go out of hands and it's time for the involvement of the law. When the law fails to serve proper justice, Dr. Michael John resorts to taking the matters into his hands. 

What actually happened in school? How it led to the involvement of all the bigshots? And how and if Mikhael fulfills his wish of mete out the justice to the wrong-doers? The answers to these questions from the rest of the story. 

Mikhael received generally mixed response from the critics who praised the style of presentation and performances especially those of Siddique. The movie failed to set the box office on fire and ended up as a below average venture despite high expectations. 

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