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Mental Madhilo Review

U/A Comedy, Romance 2 hrs 22 mins Nov 24, 2017





Mental Madhilo Review & Rating


'Mental Madhilo' is surely one of the most awaited low-budget movies of the year, thanks to the entertaining trailer. Expectations were high on this project as it is the second project of Raj Kandukuri after the super successful 'Pellichoopulu'. Coming to the story, the film is about Aravind Krishna who gets confused when he is provided with too many choices. Even for smallest of the choices, he gets confused. What happens when such a person gets closer to two girls and further gets confused to choose one of them, forms the crux of the story.

Rating 3 from  indiaglitz

Veena Ghantasala’s dubbing for her perks up her character.  Amrutha is another good performe...

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Performances wise, this is one of the best performances of the year from Sree Vishnu. Right from the beginning to the end, he carries various emotions with ease and looks perfect as a confused soul. For the hyper and energetic characters he has played till now, this looks quite different and challenging which he pulls off effortlessly. Nivetha Pethuraj is stunning and she makes a sparkling debut into Tollywood. Her screen presence is good and we can expect to see her in performance-oriented roles in the future. Shivaji Raja does justice to his role and he proves his worth in every scene. Amrutha and Kireeti Dhramaraju are okay.

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Technically, Mental Madhilo is a strong film with good writing and production values as the major highlights. Music by Prashanth R Vihari is superb, especially Oohale song stands out for the beautiful vocals and composition. His background score brings a nice feel to the visuals. Cinematography by Vedaraman is good as he captures the film in good light and editing by Viplav is good in the first half but should have taken a bit of extra care in the second half. Production values of Raj Kandukuri are good and the film looks quite rich.

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Coming to direction, Vivek Athreya he has done a superb job considering the fact that this is his first film. He nicely sets up the film with an interesting premise and witty dialogues. The way he handles the emotional scenes is too good for a debutante. His writing and direction go hand in hand it must be said that his writing adds a lot of value to the film, be it emotional or fun-filled dialogues he has written them very well. If he plans his career perfectly, he can go a long way. Coming to Mental Madhilo, he has done complete justice as a director.

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Verdict: 'Mental Madhilo' is a well made feel good entertainer with superb performances. Go for it.

Mental Madhilo Critic Reviews

Mental Madhilo User Reviews

  • S

    24 Nov 17 @ 4:39 PM

    'Mental Madhilo' which released today getting positive reviews from everywhere. Actor Sree Vishnu who is well known for his prominent acting did a good job in the role of 'Arvind Krishna'. You will fall in love with that character which showcases a confused and innocence guy. Sree Vishnu was the biggest asset for the film. Heroine 'Nivetha Pethuraj' acted well in her role though debut movies she made good screen presence. Sree Vishnu and Nivetha pair were lovable. After a long time actor, Shivaji Raja got a good role. The second lead Amrutha was good. 

    Coming to the technical aspect, production values are top notch the way they created the magic and environment of the upper middle class. Special mentions for producer  Raj Kandukuri for trusting the script. Prasantha Vihari’s music was good. Director Vivek Athrey made a decent debut with Rom-Com.

  • Satya

    24 Nov 17 @ 4:59 PM

    Mental Madhilo has one of the underrated actor Sree Vishnu and one of the finest young Tamil actresses, Nivetha Pethuraj in the lead roles. That is the best thing about this simple yet beautiful film. Having talented cast who can perform well in all kinds of scenes is an added advantage for any film. Vivek Athreya makes a striking debut as a director and he is here to stay for sure. The way he dealt with such a simple story and presented in the most beautiful way speaks volumes about his talent. Music by Prashant is superb and the visuals look so cool and refreshing. One more quality product from Raj Kandukuri who came up with 'Pellichoopulu' last year. A must watch movie for everyone.

  • Aruna

    24 Nov 17 @ 8:16 PM

    Excellent movie by Pellichupulu producer I can say. The story is nice and fresh. Sree Vishnu did a fantastic job. heroine also looks good and performed well. first half is extremely good. second half is also ok, but it's not as great as first half. so don't expect second half. We can watch it for one time easily. direction, music, dop works are fantastic. It will connect to the multiplex audience directly. 

Mental Madhilo Live Updates & Public Talk

'Mental Madhilo' has been making quite a buzz in Tollywood film circles. Starring Sree Vishnu and Nivetha Pethuraj, the film has hit the screens today amidst decent buzz.  A special show was screened for celebrities and the press and they are expressing their thoughts on the film, which are super positive. Take a look!

As the early morning shows come to an end, the audience are expressing their opinions on Twitter. Sree Vishnu's performance is being praised by the audience apart from Vivek Athreya's sensible direction. Here are few more Tweets, take a look.

Stay tuned for more Public Talk, Live Updates and Tweet Reviews of Mental Madhilo.

Mental Madhilo Preview

What is it about?

Sree Vishnu has been trying his luck in lead roles for quite some time now. Though he has been coming with good flicks, they are not doing that great at the box-office. Now, he teamed up with Pellichoopulu producer Raj Kandukuri for 'Mental Madhilo' which is directed by debutante Vivek Athreya. Nivetha Pethuraj is making her Telugu debut with this flick. Going by the trailer, the antagonist has a confused mind and how he wins his love overcoming that problem is the story.

What to expect?

  • Superb Performances

Keeping the box-office successes aside, Sree Vishnu never failed as an actor be it an innocent guy in Prema Ishq Kaadal or an intense role in Appatlo Okadundevadu, he performed very well. Nivetha Pethuraj, on the other hand, has proved her mettle as an actor so we can expect stellar performances from both the lead actors. Also, the film has other talented actors like Sivaji Raja, Kireeti Dharmaraju who can perform well.

  • Fresh Content

Tollywood has produced some quality films in 2017 and 'Mental Madhilo' is expected to join the list as well. Right from visuals to casting everything seems fresh and with a young talented team, we can expect fresh and classy content. Prashant R Vihari's music itself is so fresh indicating the novelty in the content.

  • Film With Good Technicalities

Being produced by National Award winning producer like Raj Kandukuri, we can expect a film with high production values. Coming to Vivek Athreya, he has proved himself with his short films and as discussed earlier, Prashant R Vihari's music is outstanding. Visuals by Viplav look good in the trailer and we can expect the same in the movie as well.