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MCA (Middle Class Abbayi) Full Movie

U/A Comedy, Drama, Romance 2 hrs 23 mins Dec 21, 2017
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Middle Class Abbayi (MCA) Story

Director: Venu Sri Ram

Cast: Nani as Nani, Bhumika Chawla as Jyothi, Sai Pallavi as Pallavi, Vijay Varma as Warangal Shiva, Naresh as Nani's uncle, Aamani as Nani's aunt, and Rajiv Kanakala as Nani's elder brother. 

Nani s the middle-class boy who stays with his uncle Naresh in Hyderabad. One day Nani's brother calls him to return to his house and asks Nani to go along with his wife Jyothi to Warangal because of her transfer, who works as RTO officer. Nani refuses as he dislikes her sister-in-law. 

Jyothi makes him do all the household chores. He shares his woes with his aunt and when Nani wants to leave to Hyderabad he sees a girl named Pallavi a.k.a Chinni at the bus stop and falls in love with her, to his shock Pallavi comes and proposes to him. After few meetings, they start dating and later Nani comes to know that Pallavi is his sister-in-law's cousin. 

When Jyothi comes to know about their love, she sends Pallavi away keeping Nani's career in mind. During this time Jyothi seizes two buses with the same number plate of the travel company which is owned by the gangster of Warangal named Shiva. 

Shiva wants his buses to get released but Jyothi refuses and Shiva threatens Jyothi that he gonna kill if she doesn't release the buses. Nani comes to know of his sister-in-law's good intentions through his uncle and rushes to help her. How Nani saves his sister-in-law from the gangster and how he gets married to Pallavi is the rest of the story.

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MCA Hindi Dubbed Movie:

Nani has slowly made his mark with the North Indian audience and most of his movies get dubbed into Hindi. Middle Class Abbayi was also dubbed in Hindi and it received a thumbs up from the audience with over 15 million views, You can watch MCA Hindi dubbed version below.


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