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U/A Horror, Thriller 2 hrs 21 mins Sep 17, 2015
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Maya Story

Director: Ashwin Saravanan

Cast: Nayantara as Apsara Arjun, Aari as Vasanth, Amzath Khan as Ram, Lakshmi Priya as Swathi, Robo Shankar as Shankar, Mime Ganesh as director Reshmi Menon as Anjali. 

Vasanth is working on a script based on a haunted jungle named Maayavan and a malevolent spirit named Maya. He visits his boss Ram and Madan, shows the some of the photos taken at a friend's birthday party. Ram figures out something suspicious in the photographs and warns Vasanth of it meanwhile Madhan relates Vasanth's Maayavan and his character Maya to a woman named Maya Mathews who was taken to an asylum after her husband's murder and forced to give up her newborn baby to the asylum authorities. Maya dies in the hospital and is buried in the grounds of the asylum which is located inside the forest Maayavanam. 

Madhan and his friend visit the Maayavanam but experience horror and meets death. This evokes Vasanth to investigate the past of Maya and Maayavanam. Apsara a single mother and a struggling mother decides to participate in a contest to watch the horror movie Irul alone and win 5 Lakhs. Apsara's friend Swathi who worked as the associate for the movie Irul restricts her from participating in the contest. She watches the movie and is teleported into the story.

The connection between the real story and the reel story finally gets disclosed. Apsara is revealed as the spirit Maaya's daughter who was taken by the officials. The screening ends and Apsara wakes up with her mother Maaya's diary and her doll which she saw in the film.  Maaya gets her revenge done. 

Maya that featured Nayantara in the lead role was one of the biggest blockbusters of Kollywood in 2015. Nayantara won three Best actress awards for Maya.

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