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U/A Drama 2 hrs 3 mins Jul 13, 2018





Maati Review & Rating

Maati directed by Leena and Saibal Gangyopadhyay deals with the sensitive issue of partition and its effect in the mind of next-gen people. The movie starts with Ziniya (Monami Ghosh) who comes all the way to Kolkata from Bangladesh to invite their once neighbor, now settled in Kolkata Chowdhury family. But, Ziniya has a doubt. Those who have left their country long ago, will they return to attend her wedding?

Rating - from  anandabazar

Maati directed by Leena Gangyopadhyay, the kingmaker of Bengali television and Saibal Gangyopadhy...

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History research scholar Meghna Chowdhury (Paoli Dam) couldn't ignore the attraction of her ancestral home. She visits Bangladesh to explore the land where her family used to live. All she knows is from her grandmother's diary, who refused to live her home during partition. She too was killed by a trusted man. After all religious frenzy is like mass hysteria. Even today, people there are against inter-religion marriages. On the other hand, there is a person like Jamil Hussain (Adil Hussain), who has left his job, career, even his family just to stay in his own land!

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Sensitive to the core, Maati is a film on the aftermath of communal war and takes care of many un...

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Meghna's realization from her experience in his ancestral land is what the audience takes with them. "Maati" is all about finding the root when everyone has lost it somewhere. In acting, Adil Hussain is precise. Paoli too delivers a natural acting. Monami and Chandan Sen. Debojyoti Mishra's music demands a special mention. 

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  • Sankalpa

    14 Jul 18 @ 9:39 PM

Maati Preview

What is Maati film all about?

Maati directed by Leena and Saibal Gangyopadhyay revolves around Meghna (Paoli Dam), who is searching her root in her ancestral home in Bangladesh. Meghna comes across a diary from where she came to know about her grandmother. Her grandmother (Aparajita Adhya) stayed back in Bangladesh after the partition. She was murdered by one of her trusted persons. On landing in Bangladesh, Meghna comes to know that his descendants are now living in the same house. It is about Meghna's journey ad her realizations about the history of two Bengal and the effect of partition.

What to expect from Maati?

An emotional storyline 

Leena Gangopadhyay is known for writing emotional stories for her television shows. On her debutant film, it is expected the story will touch the right chord. The story of the film itself promises a deeply emotional drama premise. Bengali is still sensitive about the history of partition and its long-lasting effect should make people emotional.


The film stars Paoli Dam, Adil Hussain, Aparajita Adhya, Sabitri Chatterjee, Monami and some finest TV actors. No wonder that viewers will line up to see solid performances powered by a quality content.

The much-loved pair

The pair of Adil Hussain and Paoli Dam has become the much-loved pair just recently with Ahare Mon. The duo will again pair up in the film with a different idea. Their chemistry will be one of the biggest attractions of Maati.

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