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Biography, Drama, Sport 2 hrs 2 mins Sep 5, 2014
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Mary Kom Story

Director: Omung Kumar

Cast: Priyanka Chopra as Mary Kom, Sunil Thapa as M. Narjit Singh, Darshan Kumar as Onler Kom, Robin Das as Mangte Tonpa Kom

Mary Kom the biographical sports film is based on the life of Indian boxer Mary Kom. The movie tells how Mary Kom started gaining interest in boxing and earned the name and fame in the boxing championships. Mary finds boxing gloves in the remains of an air crash in 1991. One day while chasing a boy to fight she ends up in a boxing gym. There she learns that the coach of the gym Narjit Singh is the coach of the Asian champion Dingko Singh and expresses her boxing desires to him.

Narjit asks her to come to the gym for 30 days and he will only teach her if she proves herself to be deserving enough. Mary tells this to her mother but not her father as he was always against her boxing. Days passed by and Mary becomes one of the known female boxers in the nation. Soon Mary decides to get married to Onler Kom despite his coach's dissatisfaction and left boxing.

After sometime Mary gives birth to twins and applied for government jobs but always felt that being a world boxing champion she deserves better. How Mary again joins boxing with intense training and help from her coach is the rest of the story.

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