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Marjaavaan Review

U/A Action, Drama 2 hrs 17 mins Nov 15, 2019





Marjaavaan Review & Rating

Marjaavaan Review: Hydrogen Sulphide Mixed With Tomato Ketchup

The premise

Remember the heydays of H2S (for the uninitiated, it’s Hydrogen Sulphide) masala films starring Mithun da and Dharam ji produced at the rate of thought by Kanti Shah? Marjaavaan may not be as cultishly head-pounding as those films like Loha, Gunda, etc. But it’s right out of the 1980s. The days before the revival of feel-good romances of Suraj Barjatya and post the angry young man stardom of Amitabh Bachchan.

Ah! Mithun da! (Not Mirinda)

Take, for example, a don who rules the city with an iron fist. He has a family and the son is incompetent but tries to use the influence of his father. But his father has a loyal servant who is obviously an orphan. But the son is envious of the orphan because the father depends more on the orphan than his blood. He hatches plan after plan to take over his father's empire and simultaneously eliminate the orphan. Rings a bell?

Replace the incompetent son with a vertically challenged person ala Shah Rukh Khan in Zero. Now, you also get the rating of the film. And the don is a sort of Water mafia. And the orphan is orphan. There’s obviously the girl who dotes on the hero who was first stuck by the Cupid instantly. And a woman who oozes sex-appeal and hangs around with the villain. Or one of the villains.

Screenplay or the lack of it

Now you get the idea. Coming to the screenplay of the film, despite its rotten masala smell, it has a few merits. There are a lot of dialogues that take the people in their 50s and 60s on a nostalgia trip. But they rarely watch a film these days and those who watch the film (reviewers + younger audience) will certainly find this film’s premise and execution outlandish. The characterisations are cartoonish. The narration is better not talked about.


Coming to the actors, Siddharth Malhotra who is a fine actor and featured in a real good but failed at the box office film - Bhavesh Joshi - last year still has to wait for a success until his next. He is good and tried sincerely to look honest in his portrayal of Raghu the orphan. But it is Riteish Deshmukh’s midget (son of the don) that polarises. Some may find his performance wonderful. Others may find it over-indulgent. But it can be said that he did well both ways.

Tara Sutaria needs a great turn around to find her mojo in Bollywood. Her debut film was a dud and the second attempt at box office glory is another dud. Both the films are straight out of the past. She’s a modern girl. And needs to star in a modern film. It’s already just half a dozen weeks apart from 2020. Those who ruled in the 1980s and 1990s are on the verge of retirement. Or just hanging around courtesy past glory. She has no past glory to bank on. So...! Rakul Preet Singh landed in a bad role.

The crew

The music is good surprisingly. And the background score is neat despite loudness here and there. The cinematography is okayish. The editor might have been suffering from selective amnesia regarding his work. It’s pathetic. The production design is worrisomely bad. The production values are so so. It’s a film that’s better not have been made.

Hi, Swiggy here...

So, the final question is: for whom the film is made? Milap Zaveri’s Satyameva Jayate played well because there are no such proper masala films around at that time and the stardom of John Abraham. The film was okayish at best. But worked due to its lead actor. And a national holiday on the day of its release. So, skip this film and order something on Swiggy. You may get a better offer. 


  • Nostalgia trip for the youth of the 1980s. 


  • Do we need to write an essay again? Sorry! Time's up. 

Pycker Rating: 0.5 out of 5

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