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Maragatha Naanaiyam Full Movie

U Comedy, Fantasy 2 hrs 12 mins Jun 16, 2017
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Maragatha Naanayam Story

Director: ARK Saravan

Cast: Aadhi as Senguttavan, Nikki Galrani as Chanakya, Anantharaj as Twinkle Ramanathan, Ramdoss as Nochukuppam Ramdoss, Kaali Venkat as Ghost Chidambaram, Daniel Annie Pope as Elango.

Senguttavan and Ilango are two friends who work for a jewel smuggler. Two was gets caught by the Police one day and manages to escape. It is revealed that he has a crush on Chanakya whom he meets at the bus station but never approached. One fine day a guy comes with Chanakya and introduce to Seguttavan that they are engaged. Days pass by and Senguttavan meet them again and learns that they are married and Chanakya is not happy with him.

A Chinese businessman visits the city to find the 100 year Old Emerald stone and to acquire it he hires a contractor who has connections with people who can meet the job. He offers 10 crores to the local smugglers but they refuse to do it as the stone is cursed. Senguttavan gets the offer and he sets out to take the stone along with Elango. During their journey, they are revealed that their boss Ramdoss is dead. They bury Ramdoss and the next day Senguttavan and Elango are shocked to see the ghost of Ramdoss standing next to them. They approach the post and learns what had actually happened. The priest instructs them to finish off the job or else it can cause more damages. 

Senguttavan Elango and the ghosts set out to get the stone and remove the curse. How they manage to escape the curse and surrender the emerald stone is the core of this fantasy comedy movie. 

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